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Forget what you heard about men here’s the truth

Absolutely everybody is responsible for the quality of men we have among-st us today. Damn right we all are! Are we really responsible though? Don’t we all one-way-or-another contribute to making our men feel like crap in disguise of kingship? Let me be thorough with you on this– I do not think it is fair […]


Easy ways to lose weight naturally and fast

Weight loss/weight gain has been a trending topic on the web for the last decade. If not Tens of thousands, perhaps a few hundreds of bloggers and health practitioners have written articles, made podcasts, campaigns, and even wrote books on how to achieve a proper weight loss. I’d tell you this; the first step required […]

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You can hire a freelance writer below!

For that ebook, article, poems, wedding vows that’ll capture the heart, feel free to hire me. I am available to ghost-write for you, your friends, colleagues and bosses. To find me on fiver, simply click the link below. 💕 P.S You can mail me directly on Let’s do some cool writing business in […]