Month: April 2018

Articles Relationship & Love Stories

Things my Momma Showed me

This story is published for the sole purpose of inspiring married couples. Its aim is to spread the awareness on domestic violence and ways to handle it.

Articles True Life Stories

The Broken Vase chapter 2

As I once wrote “if that which was hoped for fails to manifest; then the lingering faith propels the mind for better opportunities to thrive”. Sleeping in peace Just as “belief is a personal confirmation of an acclaimed truth”, Amaka did believe that God was real. And so, she continued to pray till she fell […]

True Life Stories

Ola the rapist chapter 2

Help! Help!! Help!!! I was hurting and bewildered, as i became lost in comprehension and could only imagine life slipping away. Somehow, it felt as though some sort of evil spirit had possessed Ola, and instead of being afraid, i became furious. Outrageously, i attempted to push him with all of the strength and rage […]