What is your name?? 

A name is given when a child is born, this is so because it is the child’s means of identification. A name is a word or set of words put together and decided upon by a parent or guardian, for a child or person to be addressed by and referred to.

From the civilized world, a man or woman unfamiliar to you is referred to as Miss, Mister and Mrs. To make communication meaningful, an introduction is done by both parties where they reveal their names as a means of identification for future references and purposes or as the case may be.

Sometimes, we meet people from different ages and backgrounds and we tend to mix up and familiarise with them. But in order to get more acquainted with these persons, we have to remember who they are and where they belong in our lives.

Your Teacher is neither your uncle nor aunt..

We must not subject our kids or other kids to calling their teachers or neighbours “Uncle and Auntie” they’re not your relatives and these titles are not theirs. Many children have been sexually and mentally abused due to these mix-up. When you tell a child to refer to an outsider as an uncle or brother, indirectly, you are telling the child to trust that individual as though they’re related.

For instance, if a woman walks into my mom’s shop, and perhaps my mom is busy and unavailable at the time. And when I implore from the visitor if she’d like to leave a message, first she’d size me up with her eyes. Bottom line is, she’d rather refer to herself as an Anty or mummy Laide.

It’s almost impossible for some people to give you their names, because most times they see the person standing before them as a much younger person, therefore, he is not qualified to address them by their first names etc.

The respect attached to a name is typically based on the personality of the bearer, not the way his/her name is being pronounced.

It’s rampant nowadays, instead of being enlightened and civilized, we twist our own beliefs into what is right, and then try to impose them on others. If they can’t call you by your name, there’s no way they can relate with you on a friendly level. It’s not out of respect for anyone, it is sheer ignorance.

There’s no sense in referring to your brother as “brother Jacob” because his relationship already says he’s your brother. Same thing applies to when a parent makes it imperative for their kids to address them as “sir or ma’am” these attributes denotes formality. In essence, it means that the relationship between you two is formal and unfriendly.

Why try to set people apart by making things twisted and lame? If you want people to respect you, then you have to earn it. Because someone can kiss your feet and also slap the hell outta you a few minutes later.

All those public figures we hear of are real humans, they don’t attach anty or uncle to their names. If you don’t want to be close to anyone, they’ll address you on a formal level, which in turn means, your behavioural interactions must be formal at all times.

Even Jesus Christ bears the same name till infinity…. There’s nothing to be added nor removed.

I am Joyous Akhivbareme;

What is your name??

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