6 Life-Saving Tips on How To Stay Afloat in Life’s Ocean

There’s no perfection in life, you learn as you live…

I am well aware that life has never been easy for anyone. But the tenacity to stay afloat is highly required of us, if we must swim through this ocean of life. No one has a dictionary nor a true definition of what life holds, there are only a bunch of shared experiences from friends and families. Some of these shared stories help us manage some of our personal challenges, and help prepare us for the journeys ahead. Below are six inspiring tips written to remind you of certain truths about life.

Don’t blame yourself
We’re all victims and victors, sinners and saints, hips and hops, bad and ugly, hate and love, regrets and hopes, and we’re mostly faced with the contagious habits of looking back to what we think we once had. In order to enjoy this life’s journey, one must learn to hold on tight, take each foot in front of the other, and keep moving.
No matter how slow, no matter how many times you’d trip, never stop moving because the race is not against anyone but you.

There is no trophy promised at the end of this journey, the gains therein are the beautiful memories of the life you’ve lived. Live the life that you want to inspire others with and as you continue to grow, good things will fall in place. It won’t be long now!

Be kind to yourself.
Kindness can truly be expressed from the in-depth of a loving soul. In other words, kindness is a trait exhibited by a free spirited person; one with compassion and immense love. How well do you treat yourself?
Do you know, that the way you carry and treat yourself is directly proportional to the way others will treat you? That’s right! People observe you so that they’ll know how to treat you. And if they find out that you are careless with yourself, trust me, they’ll treat you carelessly.

The profound truth is; the vibe you give off determines the kind of people you attract into your life. Modern day social media and technology has turned us into viable tools, and has enhanced nonchalance in our society. Notwithstanding, you must be brave enough to demand the respect and care that you so desire. Be bold, audacious and be true to yourself because no one will treat you better than you would.

It’s solely your responsibility
If you believe that you owe anyone an explanation for being on this spot, then you’re probably mistaken. You’re duty-bound to protect you, fight the demons in your mind because those are your greatest adversaries; not the people who cheats you or toys with your kindness, no!!

Your greatest hindrance in life is the war you pretend to be unaware of; that same war going on in your mind, wherefore those voices of doubts amass. Whatever you do, never let that voice of regret, of hate, of envy and jealousy, of disappointment; ruin your sanity. You must learn to control the energy hovering around you.

You must be patient and brave enough to succeed, you owe it to yourself now, because this lifetime is your only chance. Unless you believe in reincarnation.. lol! Regardless of your achievements, if you have not achieved love, then, you’ve not yet achieved nothing.

It’s not magic, it takes time
I understand that you may have difficulties in figuring out somethings by yourself, and I also know that a tree cannot make a forest. My advice is that you learn to perceive people with your heart before you go telling them about you. The ones who really cares about you are very few people, and for this reason, you must be careful with the people who tends to react more about your problems than you do.

Sometimes, it’s only a charade. Let Google be your friend, visit numerous blogs, read books that are relatable, and if you feel like you’re losing a hold on yourself; talk to a professional. In this life, if you’re not smart enough, you’ll be misled, dribbled, disappointed and in the end, you’ll be miserable.

Don’t let your quest for visible greatness cloud your judgement, because greed leads to greater destruction than the mouth foretells. And your impatience towards receiving the cheery applauds and achievements can make you lose sight of what’s important. Stop looking at the public displays of those who appear to have made it……they are not the same as you. Everyone happens to experience life differently-as it is obvious that we face different challenges and the results differs.

Do not keep yourself from trying, no matter how many times you fail. Because, not trying at all is the only failure there is..!!

Stop beating yourself up
Let it not be that one day, you’d wake up and realize that you have not been living. Let it not be that you’ve deprived yourself of true happiness and the things that once mattered a great deal to you, because you have refused to stop grieving.

That life you once had is dead and buried in the past, this is your new dawn; here and now. Could it be that someone broke your heart and hence you have indirectly decide not to retrieve that authority which they once had over you? Have you stopped to realize that there was a life before them- and this same life continues after there are gone?

Would you rather tell your children that you’ve stopped being their mom because your husband left you? You are the only thing that should matter firstly to you, before anyone else. Yea, that’s right! If you do not love yourself to an indescribable state, you can never genuinely love another.

Take charge and be in control
Wake up to reality, be the boss and captain of this boat you ought to be rocking on. Don’t die before death truly takes over, don’t reminisce constantly on the past. There’s still time to creating new memories, new grounds are yet to be covered. There’s no religion that is greater than love itself-love which abides at heart.

Love propels growth and development, Joy and laughter, forgiveness and kindness. What better way to enjoy living without this religion (love for oneself)? The world you’re envisaging, the beautiful tomorrow you keep dreaming about can only foster with love. This love…! This you…! This now and this moment, is the right time to start living…..

Your life reflects images of the future you perceive with your mind eye……..

Choose to see greater joy, love, peace and forgiveness… let these be your own miracles… let these traits and attributes represent you.
Without love, you’ll truly not live.
Until you love yourself, you’ve have yet not lived.

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