Be absolutely happy!

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Whatsoever you find yourself doing, have at it and be absolutely happy.

Many people walking the earth, do so out of deriving sentimental pleasures…living absolutely for the joy of others. You must never let people dictate what and where your happiness should be based upon. So long you walk this walk, you deserve to be absolutely happy and free.

Do not let your job, spouse, sibling, parent, friends nor acquaintances dictate for you; what your happiness should be.

Some people feel good when other people give them attention, but I tell you: that’s you being dependent. For eventually, these people who give you all of these attention, may one day be out of sight. Would you stop living when that happens?

Wouldn’t you rather find a hobby, cling on to your inner powers and let yourself experience the love you have within?

Wouldn’t you rather be loved by you, cared for by you; so that whatever amount of love another person decides to extend towards you, will now become secondary (a compliment) to the love you already have within you.

Leave a comment below if you are having trouble finding your own path to loving yourself immensely. I’d be happy to engage with you in a one-on-one chat.

I hope you find a clearer path to walking this earth. Happy Sunday from Lagos Nigeria.

Bon dimanche mes amis ❤

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    Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

      • Jaygirl
      • January 14, 2019

      Thank you. Please subscribe to our newsletter for prompt notifications on freshly written articles. 😘

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