Be Responsible for you.

Earlier today, i got a call from my (younger) brother. He’d gone to visit our older brother in a not so far away city from Lagos. We talked a bit into the evening before retiring to doing other things.

Men who cook in Nigeria
Show up, roll-up your sleeves and get your hands on deck.

One of my close friends had lost his mom and i was not in a pleasant state of mind. But because my brother knew how much that friend meant to me, he tried to engage me in some fun conversation.

During the phone conversation, he mentioned he was cooking. My mom and dad had made sure everyone of us learned how to cook (our favourite meal at least)… obviously, i needed to tease him and get to know more about what he was prepping. But we couldn’t talk much as he needed to prepare his intended meals, i supposed it wasn’t going to be pretty easy.

Long story short; he called back 3 hours later, and by this time, he’d prepared stew, egusi soup, dodo (fried plantain) and beans. He was happy to share his kitchen moments with me.

Best Nigeria soups and how to make them.
Egusi soup

What thrilled me most was the joy he derived from it…then he referred to our mother… in his words “momsi try for us ooo” i am never going to allow my wife cook all by herself. Everyone has to be responsible around the house, that way we’d value and respect ourselves more. I guess life would be easier that way… i can’t begin to imagine how mom must have felt. Each time i rejected food undermining her efforts I’d ask her for a different meal aside the already prepared meal… he said!
Men cook too and some of them appear better in the kitchen than some women.
Nigerian fried stew

I listened patiently and deep down i felt proud to hear those words pour out of him. Then, i realised how much of a REAL & RESPONSIBLE MAN my mother has raised.

To every one out there; be responsible for you. Be useful in every way possible… show up, roll-up your sleeves… and get those hands to work. A girl child is not assigned to be a second citizen, neither is she restricted to doing everything to please a man. We must all be responsible regardless of our age, marital status or gender.

I hope this article will inspire you (parents, guardians, individuals) to be more responsive and compassionate in our daily lives.

Thank you for reading.👍👍

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