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You’re so alone.

November 10, 2017 | Articles, Quotes | 4 Comments

Nobody is ever gonna be good enough for anyone, and no one is gonna be exactly what you want them to be.
Nobody is ever gonna be able to love you exactly the way you want them to.

Because love doesn’t hinder, its backbone is freedom.

If they love you, let them love you and at the same time, let them be free to live.
Give people the chance to live their lives and be happy.

Don’t let loving you be a burden to anyone, else someday, they’re gonna have to choose between living and loving you.

Just as we are a reflection of those who birthed us, our deep thoughts modifies our characters and behaviors. A few decades ago, some people had the notion that certain kids born into wealthy homes have more tendency to excel than other kids born without a silver spoon.

That is just not true, it’s a state of mind!! We all have the tendency to succeed, regardless of our status…

The realities of today are probably researches a lot of professors and scholars spent years of their lives sorting and researching. For the most of it, some of them didn’t live long enough to actually enjoy or witness the outcome of their findings. 

As long as the heart keeps pushing, the body will not faint.

Determination projects success” One has to be fully prepared to undergo series of hardship, mentally, intellectually, emotionally and so on. Life is not programmed, it is a combination of a bunch of day to day steps, stress, failures and achievements. Do not think little of yourself, everyone is worth it. As long as we’re alive, we have the chance to make a difference, to re-write our stories, to set the records straight and to achieve that which we set out our hearts towards achieving.

Be committed to yourself; life struggles entails a lot, and it is important to be consistent and persistent.

  • Develop the habit of continuity; This entails training and learning, when you develop the habit of updating, upgrading and building your inner strength, a lot of things becomes easier. Of course a footballer always certainly has to go for training, not just to run round the football field, but to master his skills. This gives him the luxury of getting used to being a footballer by profession and as a person. Continuity gives you a certain edge, that helps you to master your skills, and by default these skills becomes a way of life “a culture”
  • Be encouraged; Life huddles don’t come with specifics, just try to deal with each hurdle as it comes.
  • Be determined; To be this way, you ought to be ambitious and strategic towards your life goals. Remember that it is the ambition that strengthens the urge for success. Determination is what enhances the ambition, thereby leading to success.
  • There are no trophies at life; Don’t be looking above your shoulders each time you fail. Looking out there, you’ll find some others doing better at it than you; remember, your struggles aren’t the same. You are you, and they are themselves, it is not a competition, don’t stress your heart out because others are succeeding than you are.
  • Stay positive; Always look on the bright side, no one has ever achieved anything by complaining. Instead, finding solutions to each and every problem helps to keep you on a direct path. Learn to speak life into every situation, confirm your strength and remind yourself that you are capable. I can do this, you can do this, we can do this!!! Confirmation of our inner strength and capabilities!!!
  • Don’t be too embarrassed to ask for help; Yes, you read that right!! Sometimes, other people’s comments and petty talks clouds our judgements. Just because someone mentioned Mr. Aaron to be a bad person, doesn’t necessarily make it true about him. You might approach him and he’ll be responsive towards you, no two persons are the same, don’t compare your situation, approach things differently and learn to stand out. Choosing the right career path requires a lot of research, which also include meeting certain people who has followed on that same path or are affiliated to it. Don’t be in doubt about anything, be curious instead, and find those people who are in the right position to direct you. If you tried once and didn’t succeed, use another method, and try again….


Never stop investing in you, for you are all you’ve got.

It is you who determines your failure for success, stop at nothing, keep pressing forward, the end is brighter…..

It all begins and ends with you…….be the author of your success story……














































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Ever Felt Like Giving Up?? Vol. 1

May 12, 2017 | Articles | 3 Comments

No man is immune to challenges, it’s part of what makes life worth it.

There may be times you feel all alone in your reality, where nobody sees through, and at the same time, someone out there wants you to lend a hand of support. I tell you, this is the most difficult situation anyone can experience. Trying to be yourself, keep your cool and trying so hard to stay afloat above deep waters becomes extremely difficult.


Admitting to weakness has never reduced the shape of anyone’s head nor has it reduced anyone’s pocket size. You can start by letting those people in your life understand what you are going through, even if they can’t understand clearly, they can at least support you and make you feel a bit better.


As a human, our sole responsibility is to love and support each other, making life situations easy to deal with. It is never easy to help others when you are drowning in your own misery, it’s almost impossible. That is why we need to seek professional help whenever we can, a problem shared is half solved.


Most people say, Africans don’t require therapy

Our day to day activities entails a lot, especially in this 21st century where every good thing comes with a price-tag to it. Mortality rates and so many other complications here and there. If you feel out of control, now is the time to reach out and get help, because it is better late than sorry.



Vol. 2. Will be ready soon…