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A lot of women are being celebrated today for their good deeds, some for portraying that feminine gender; and others, for being mothers and wives!
Women are the epitome of grace upon which this universe foster. Women are awesome creatures, some of which have gone through thick and thin in the quest to achieving greater heights; for themselves and also, for their kids and family at large.

Well… for some reason, I just feel some women aren’t deserving of these gracious attributes the society has bestowed upon us (women). I mean, wouldn’t you agree that, the society is throwing more lights on the women; a little too much? As a matter of fact, women generally (not all) ought to be celebrated. I speak solely as an unbiased woman, and as one who thinks these social celebration of women has made some of these women entitled.

Not All Women Are Saints

Women as awesome creatures are everything good but perfect. I know a lot of women who are patient, strong, loving, unaggressive, and the awesome part; the ability to become whatever or whomever they choose to become— that’s an amazing trait if you ask me!

With some of these positive attributes attributed to us (women), let it not blindside us from speaking the truth. We are well aware that this same society does not give an ounce of care about us: this whole gratification thingy is a big SHAM!! Just as much as the society “do not care” so does some women!!

Some women have made life more miserable for their fellow women— in marriages, on social media and in the society at large. If, for instance, a woman sees a fellow woman (lady, girl child) living happily (married or otherwise), that woman would do everything in her powers to bring that fellow woman down from that height of happiness to zero-level. It baffles me though; how these women live with themselves, claiming to be “girl’s girl” all smiley and hideous— with deep roots of envy and spite.

Ever heard of the acronym, WWHOW? Perhaps, I initiated it: Women Who Hate Other Women.
Some women, do not believe other women deserves the good that the universe has in store for “us” women!! It’s the bitter truth, and I bet you and I know this for a fact that, a good number of women who claims to support other women; do so just to keep up appearances.
Some men became perverted with the help of women

Psychologically, men generally are adult babies: easy to manipulate and seduce into doing the unthinkable. Only a few men were raised well, and just about a bunch of them have a strong willpower thus: they can’t be easily manipulated.


I bet some of us don’t know that:
• Some women encourage their male friends to chase after girls for sports… especially if they feel these girls are a threat to their social lives etc. … in the end it makes them feel as though they’ve punished these girls.
• Some women encourage their young male kids to play with genitals of their female playmates.
• Some women give out their housemaids, wards, nieces, nephews (male and female) to young guys for monetary reasons and sometimes, for payment purposes.
• Do you know that some women sexually harass their boys, wards, helps and children living under their care? They expose some of these young boys into sexual activities from a very tender age; by playing with their genitals vice/versa.
• I bet you didn’t know that some of the reasons a boy successfully becomes a pervert is due to the fact that: their parents (especially their mothers) cover up their mess simply because they are trying to avoid family embarrassment and shame; thereby failing to reprimand their kids the right way.
• Do you also know that a lot of women encourage child molestation? You can do a random search on this, some women even spite these young girls for “getting it” as if unwanted sex is a good thing.

Women who hate other women

WWHOW (Women who hate other women) are very much on rampage, the numbers are increasing on daily basis; I tell you… these women are viscous, they are vain, and they’re despicable. In the history of hate, women’s hate is overwhelmingly boundless. You don’t want to fall prey to these women, I tell you, and they will; chastise you, shame you publicly and destroy your reputation. Example traits to look out for are:
• Some married women who do not respond to your greetings because of your marital status.
• Some women who looks at young girls with scorn whenever they meet up at social gatherings.
• Some women who would trash talk you whenever you visit their sons… especially those who finds fault with everything about your personality as a girl child.
• Some women who treat their female children as step-kids. These women deprive their girls the liberty of being girls.
• Some women who encourage their sons or husbands to beat up their female kids.
• Women who are never satisfied with the kindness of other women.
• Women who gossip and trash-talk other women they claim to be friends with.
There are so many more traits to look out for, play your part as a good person and try to stay away from these women (WWHOW). They will never appreciate you, so it is no use trying to befriend them or try to please them by downgrading yourself. BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU!!


Women who are perverts

Come with me to the land of reality… the land where almost nobody speak of sexual abuse on the boy child… yes, boys can be sexually abused too. A while back, I travelled to my hometown in Edo state where I met with some old time acquaintances.

Incapable parents
Some of these people have kids now and because of their financial status, they give out their children to friends and family members as aids.

So it happened that one of the male kids were sent away to live with some woman whom they once knew. The boy lived with her for a few years until he was about; 15 years old. Some weeks into the end of November 2014, the boy was home to his mother. The mother called to inquire what prompted the sudden departure of the boy, the woman said thus: I have tried my best to train your child, but it seems that the boy is now bigger than me; he no longer listens to me… I don’t want to have hypertension because of the boy.

Sexual abuse on the boychild

Long story short, the boy settled in well with his peers; boys and girls alike, and everyone was happy. Then one day, an older neighbour caught him having sexual intercourse with a 13 year old cousin of his. After much scrutiny and questioning, he opened up on how his former guardian used to make him touch her etc.

Apparently, this boy has successfully lured more than five of his female neighbours into having sex with him. According to him, he knows just where to touch them, how to touch them, and when one is on menstruation, he moves to the next.

May we all be vigilant as women to train up our kids (boys and girls) with no exemptions nor excuses whatsoever!! For I strongly believe that, a lot of men are scum today because their parents failed to train them up in the right way.


Note to mothers

Mothers!! Could you please stop trying to make life miserable for your girls by forcing them to be unambitious, timid and undeserving? Because as girls, we don’t need to be the only gender who has to work hard for the love of men and the society… let there be a balance. As much as the men deserve love, so do us (women).

To my fellow women and girls out there, let us be our neighbour’s neighbour. Let us be the beacon of hope the world deserve, let us be the best we were created to be.

We are a symbol of truth and grace, we are the light…
LET US PROTECT OUR CHILDREN (MALE OR FEMALE) at all cost. Let us not turn a blind eye to injustice and molestation on our children.
#Report any case of violence against children, men and women.

Do leave your comments below.



What men and women want
Forget what you heard about men…

Absolutely everybody is responsible for the quality of men we have among-st us today. Damn right we all are!

Are we really responsible though?
Don’t we all one-way-or-another contribute to making our men feel like crap in disguise of kingship? Let me be thorough with you on this– I do not think it is fair that we pamper the male gender so much that; they become absolutely useless (domestically and otherwise)

Merry men
A wise man treats a woman with courtesy and utmost respect.

My hint is; a good number of our men think egotistically even though they’re so clueless. Right before they think/speak, that “I am a man, and i deserve respect” notion blindside them. Brother, get a grip… the society lied to you without second thoughts!!

You can counter these claims and findings, but before you do so, I’d like for you to perform a visual research on this topic. Trust me…you’ll find that IT IS SCAM; all those “He’s a man” blah-blah bullcrap they’ve been feeding you with.

Sweet boys association
Stop letting the society describe you… be your own identity!!

Manipulations from the society.

It has all been a means to achieving a twisted aim: men are not so difficult to manipulate. With this notion in mind, the society gets men to do their bidding: wreaking havoc and truthfully, the society is reaping the benefits from this whole chaos.

When the society has a certain brand (notion) to sell, they brainwash people into believing that product is the absolute best. Don’t you agree? Well! Let me break it down into smaller particles of senses.

Find your foreign husband here
Men are not scum… the society lied!!

Name tags and labels.

For instance; if a an older brother insists that his younger brother addresses him as “uncle” he risk losing the intimacy between them thus, the baby brother will automatically start seeing his older brother as a slightly distant relative due to the (segregated) remark his older brother makes continuously whenever he’s been approached.

Unknown to our dear “uncle” (the older brother) his baby brother will go in an endless search for his replacement (another brother/best friend) because obviously,  his older brother has graduated into being an older member of the extended part of their family.
The title doesn’t define a relationship, proper upbringing in the right mindset helps to promote love and respect.

Segregation and ego.

For as long as you continually remind people of your superiority (in any way), there’s always going to be a glitch in that relationship.
Well!! I hope that made sense to you though?

However, I strongly believe that both men and women would have cohabited without glitches if someone somewhere hadn’t blabbed about whose responsibility this and that were.

Characteristics of an adult baby.

If you do the following, you’re an adult baby;

● if you wait for your wife to return home, you’re subject to the nonchalance the society has been selling.
● If you you compel your female kids to household chores while your male off-springs are exempted; then you’re constituting a nuisance of him– demoting him to the status of a toddler.
Physically, men are stronger than women (biologically)… Still, these able-bodied masculine creatures will voluntarily direct all their heavy lifting to the weaker gender(women)… and in the end, these same men will boastfully claim superiority.

My thoughts though: Is there sense in that? What differentiates them from our government heads ( loafers)?
These things are common sense, and for the better part, some real men understands just what it takes to care for women, wives and sisters.

Turning women into modern maids.

Why subject these females to do everything for you so you can gracefully dangle your egoistic head and dick all around the place? Listen up bruv!! Be a man for once and stop being an over-pampered baby boy.


Did you no know?

That you’re more powerful when you take up responsibilities..?
That if you know how to eat, you should do yourself a favor by learning how to cook lovely meals for yourself.
That a woman whose husband support in all ramifications, get to enjoy a blissful sexual marriage?
That love comes with the whole package of giving and receiving?

That people who had everything done for them are either invalids or infants?
You still didn’t realize that the respect and love in your relationship diminishes over time if you fail to clean up after yourself.


Didn’t you figure it out yet that, the society is looking to engage women with all sorts of chores (with the help of entitled husbands) so they can turn the world upside down- so there would be no woman to help the sensible men argue and stand up for justice and human rights?

Seriously bruv; you must really be joking if you think you’re created to receive child’s treatment, and in place of breast milk.. you receive sex every night as compensation for being an adult child.
I can’t stress this enough: You’re a born leader. If my memory serves me right, leaders don’t sit back while others do their bidding.

Leaders lead with utmost sensitivity and zero sensualism.

Easy ways to lose weight naturally and fast

January 8, 2019 | Articles | 8 Comments

Weight loss management
The easy way is the best way

Weight loss/weight gain has been a trending topic on the web for the last decade. If not Tens of thousands, perhaps a few hundreds of bloggers and health practitioners have written articles, made podcasts, campaigns, and even wrote books on how to achieve a proper weight loss.

I’d tell you this; the first step required for you to commence that weight loss journey… begins with you! How? I’d tell you.

Some excessive weight gain or weight loss are psychological. You’d agree with me that, a good number of persons are unhappy with their looks; especially their body sizes.

Body arts
A sound mind aids a healthy lifestyle

So, scientifically proven, your mental and psychological behaviour may affect the way you appreciate yourself/body. Don’t forget “a sound mind aids a healthy lifestyle”

Societal views shouldn’t matter
Some years ago, skinny and petite girls were prone to depression because they’re constantly being bullied and neglected by their lovers – for their tiny body sizes, skinny nature and the inability to put up weight/add extra flesh.

Honestly, I was that girl… I used to be that girl… one who had no genuine friends. A few of my classmates back then were ashamed to be seen with me; whenever their admirers came around to woo them.

Peer pressure at school

I was clueless as to why girls my age would boastfully talk-me-down because they had bigger tits and butts than I had. I remember how disappointing that was, I was so alone and often, I wondered why my body size mattered that much. Till this very day, I am still unsure why society wants us to see some human beings as trendy commodities.

Even when i tried to befriend the boys, they pretended to like me because of my intelligence—they benefited greatly by having their homework done for them without stress. Trust me, it has been a savage society since the 21st century and that’s not about to change anytime soon.

Parents/guardians should pay more attention
If I were an unhappy kid, I probably would have gone into depression. Although, I had help with my dad buying me tons of books to read. I was privileged to have parents who saw through every of those countenances each time I returned home from school.

Reading and applying all of those positive lessons helped me build the right mind-set. In those books, there were no definite description of how a human being should appear to the public; before he/she is accepted.

They didn’t speak about models nor regard them specially— neither did they tag any woman as “plus size”. They simply called them all “beauty” and those books greatly enriched me mentally and positively. Part of the reason I became a writer.


Back to the topic:
Losing weight must be solely for you- there should be a positive reason as to why you’d want to shed those extra pounds. Honestly, I’d advise: if it’s not health detrimental, then, don’t put yourself through the unnecessary pressure.

You’re beautiful and there’s no one else around this planet.. like you! I can categorically tell you that ‘if a person loves you for your body features‘ they are undeserving of you.

Here are a few tips you can try naturally.
• Cultivate the habit of exercising without ceasing.
• Eat healthily, and accordingly- breakfast, lunch and dinner must have a proper schedule.
• Learn to swim.
• Learn to dance (extracurricular activities helps to keep the mind active and; what better ways to shed those extra pounds if not by being active?
• Learn to be sufficient for you (this is paramount), learn a new skill if you must.
• Exercise more… once this becomes a habit, then you are all set..

Learn to twerk like a pro
There’s no excuse for body-shaming

Don’t lose weight for the following reasons

Don’t lose weight for your spouse; unless he/she’s encouraging you for healthy reasons.
Don’t lose weight to fit in; Even the best of us don’t fit in — anywhere.
Don’t lose weight to attract people; Love is not weight/size related.
Don’t lose weight because it is trendy; “everyone is doing it, I might as well join in” –if you’re bored, enrol for an online class, start a blog or learn a new craft. TRENDY WILL BE OVER SOON.
Don’t lose weight for a pair of jeans; if they didn’t make your size, find a tailor who can make something similar and prettier.
Don’t lose weight for an event; it is totally unworthy.
Don’t lose weight to be a celebrity lookalike; trust me you’re better off. Some of them go through hell or high water to attain that spot, and they’re mostly skinny because the job demands it “so they say” 😉
Don’t lose weight for sex. Puuuf!!! Unless your body’s getting in the way of that kamasutra…Lolzzz. Sex is supposed to involve the genitals and not your body size/type. Every BODY is fuckable.
Don’t lose weight to appear younger; plenty downsides to this (especially when your son’s friend starts hitting on you)..duh!! Some peeps turned grey at 40, still they’re as young/sexy as they ought to be.


Losing those extra pounds for you; is the natural and right way to lose weight fast.

Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section. 💋