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Daily Tips for good living

June 1, 2019 | Articles | No Comments

Do good things! Do them , not for monetary gains nor selfish reasons; but, do them in the remembrance of your name.

Some may stumble in life as a result of the anger and bitterness they let consume their hearts. They may not even realise it, but gradually, they’ll become the very opposite of whom they once were. The sad truth is; you’re troubling yourself a great deal-needless to say, sadness is the machine fueling depression, cancer and eventually death.

Maybe you dont hear this very often- life is as simple as you want it to be your perception goes a long way in reshaping the images that unfolds before you, on daily basis. In otherwords, your thoughts are a projector which constructs or modifies the images that are revealed in the mind-eye. Like it or yes, for your own good, you must think good thoughts– feed your mind with positive affirmations- read books and explore the world.

Remember thus: ‘As you walk this earth, you are not alone; you belong with a few, and maybe a couple more belong with you. However you may; do not throw your life away- it is unforgivable to purposefully live recklessly and selfishly.’
Don’t be fooled by those who openly talk-down others. They are not reprimanding, they’re shallow and steering up hate. In order to be at peace with yourself and others, try to forgive all wrongs [it is uneasy, but it is worth your sanity] you can’t keep holding grudges, be in contempt with others… you ought to let go… it is the only way your heart can truly be full of joy. It doesn’t matter how long the hurt lasted, all that matters is your acceptance and understanding that you can only change yourself and not others. You are not responsible for the behaviors and perception of other people; the more reason forgiveness is paramount. Just so you know; in order to save the world, you need to save yourself first. It all begins with individual acceptance of the change we so much desire!
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If you enjoyoyed reading this article, don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section. I implore you to think deeply on this topic and apply it to your daily routines. Liife is beautiful, it’s for the best that we all are happy!!

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The Broken Vase. Chapter 2

May 31, 2019 | Articles | No Comments

As I once wrote “if that which was hoped for fails to manifest; then the lingering faith propels the mind for better opportunities to thrive.”
This is a story of a girl who suffered domestic violence in the hands of her step mother. She was saved by her the bell, and fortunately, her father was an understanding and smart man. Read below, the rest of the story…
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By Joyous Akhivbareme

Sleeping in peace

Just as; “belief is a personal confirmation of an acclaimed truth,” Amaka did believe that God was real. And so, she continued to pray till she fell into a deep sleep. Medically, such a sleep could be termed as “coma” but in this case things were different. It started off as a beautiful sleep where;

Amaka saw herself dreaming about the things she liked. And in that dream, she saw her father calling unto her and waking her up.

Amaka didn’t understand any part of the dream because it was probably not a dream. Soon afterwards, she was awoken by a painful and somewhat sting from her back. She open her eyes to find herself on a hospital bed, with her dad by her side. That little moment Amaka dreamed her dad was waking her up was clear reality.

Her father had closed early from the office that day, and planned on going to Amaka’s school to get a transcript for her transfer to a new school.

Saved by the bell

When Mr. Joseph opened the entrance door to his apartment, he immediately noticed the absence of his wife and daughter. He thought they had gone shopping or probably visiting the mall for a change of scenery. All for him to find his only child laying helplessly on the floor with blood everywhere. Mr. Joseph would have preferred to hold his daughter and cry on top of her like they do in the movies; but this is broadly midday and he wasn’t naïve.

He acted as fast as possible; carried the little girl to the car at once, ran back to take his mobile phone and locked the door to shut invaders out. Mr. Joseph drove as fast as he could and he searched in his mind for a nearby hospital that could save her daughter’s life. He finally found a specialist hospital and rushed in screaming on top of his lungs; Emergency! Somebody help, this is an emergency!! My daughter needs help, somebody!!!
Domestic violence is a serious crime against children. It’s eating deep into the African society today because, most of our countries are over-populated: some give birth to children they cannot emotionally and financially cater for. We must protect every child- starting from your neighborhood, we must comb through every home and set this children free.

The Lies

After Amaka was taken in to the theater for the removal of the broken piece of vase that had pierced her back, Mr. Joseph needed to call his wife. He ranged Ngozi’s phone twice but there was no answer, he dialed the number again and again till she finally answered.

My dear, Amaka is in the hospital……I met her bleeding when I got home from work this afternoon. Ngozi screamed Jesus three times as though she was surprised to hear the bad news “But I just left home some hours ago to visit my friend in the salon and also to make my hair….na wa oo” She then offered to visit the hospital but her husband advised she went home to take care of things.

Ngozi was fully convinced that Amaka would dare not reveal the truth behind her accident. Because often times, she’d threaten the little girl with all sorts of monstrous punishments. Unknown to her, Amaka had made up her mind that there was nothing worse than a “near death experience” and Ngozi’s threat were nowhere close to this.

Amaka is Sasha fierce

The first thing she did after regaining consciousness was to reveal everything to her father-as Amaka narrated her ordeal, her father couldn’t stop the tears from falling. He blamed himself for putting his little girl through so much pain. But then, he refused to wallow in self-pity; he knew just what to do and how well he’d pretend to keep his cool in order to prevent Ngozi from hurting either of them if she realizes something was up.

He stayed by Amaka’s bedside, his mind was full of thoughts and appreciation because he could have lost Amaka due to his wife’s cruelty and unkind behavior. Mr. Joseph was smart, he knew what was at stake and whatever his decisions were going to be, he’d put “safety” first.

Freedom at last!

Amaka got authorized to be discharged from the hospital, and in a few days, she was back home. Her father took an emergency leave from work because he needed to take care of his only child. He would watch cartoons with her and prepare nice assorted pepper soup for Amaka. The little girl was living the life of a princess, cos she deserved it.

Meanwhile, our dear Ngozi couldn’t stand that Amaka was getting so much attention, she was pretty jealous. There were no more unnecessary errands and curses to be laid on little Amaka.

She was definitely free from the domestic abuse and battering. It was just the beginning of her anticipated good life, and to crown it up her father got a home tutor to help her study.

Broken chains

Just like a “thief in the night crawls up your window” so did Ngozi’s divorce papers. She got served, and was advised to accept it in good faith. Attached were documents to the crimes she committed towards Amaka, her jaw was literally on the floor. She didn’t know how to apologize because what she did was beyond pardon. I suppose sometimes; “I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it…some behaviors are way beyond pardon.!

So, Mr. Joseph decided to focus on taking care of his daughter and change some of his work routines in order to have enough time with Amaka. He employed temporal chef and cleaners to tend to their needs and he made up his mind to adopt a child later in the near future so that Amaka would have a sibling. It was a good call, and he was lucky to have listened to his daughter.

When you listen with your eyes and mind, you’ll find the hidden truth in the tongue of a scared child. Save a child from mental instability and stress. Give a listening ear and pay attention to their body language.

There are monsters among-st us, and they are robbing us off the belief that the good still exists. Spread the love and not the hate. Hate is easy, but love is the easiest because it is free.

A lot of women are being celebrated today for their good deeds, some for portraying that feminine gender; and others, for being mothers and wives!
Women are the epitome of grace upon which this universe foster. Women are awesome creatures, some of which have gone through thick and thin in the quest to achieving greater heights; for themselves and also, for their kids and family at large.

Well… for some reason, I just feel some women aren’t deserving of these gracious attributes the society has bestowed upon us (women). I mean, wouldn’t you agree that, the society is throwing more lights on the women; a little too much? As a matter of fact, women generally (not all) ought to be celebrated. I speak solely as an unbiased woman, and as one who thinks these social celebration of women has made some of these women entitled.

Not All Women Are Saints

Women as awesome creatures are everything good but perfect. I know a lot of women who are patient, strong, loving, unaggressive, and the awesome part; the ability to become whatever or whomever they choose to become— that’s an amazing trait if you ask me!

With some of these positive attributes attributed to us (women), let it not blindside us from speaking the truth. We are well aware that this same society does not give an ounce of care about us: this whole gratification thingy is a big SHAM!! Just as much as the society “do not care” so does some women!!

Some women have made life more miserable for their fellow women— in marriages, on social media and in the society at large. If, for instance, a woman sees a fellow woman (lady, girl child) living happily (married or otherwise), that woman would do everything in her powers to bring that fellow woman down from that height of happiness to zero-level. It baffles me though; how these women live with themselves, claiming to be “girl’s girl” all smiley and hideous— with deep roots of envy and spite.

Ever heard of the acronym, WWHOW? Perhaps, I initiated it: Women Who Hate Other Women.
Some women, do not believe other women deserves the good that the universe has in store for “us” women!! It’s the bitter truth, and I bet you and I know this for a fact that, a good number of women who claims to support other women; do so just to keep up appearances.
Some men became perverted with the help of women

Psychologically, men generally are adult babies: easy to manipulate and seduce into doing the unthinkable. Only a few men were raised well, and just about a bunch of them have a strong willpower thus: they can’t be easily manipulated.


I bet some of us don’t know that:
• Some women encourage their male friends to chase after girls for sports… especially if they feel these girls are a threat to their social lives etc. … in the end it makes them feel as though they’ve punished these girls.
• Some women encourage their young male kids to play with genitals of their female playmates.
• Some women give out their housemaids, wards, nieces, nephews (male and female) to young guys for monetary reasons and sometimes, for payment purposes.
• Do you know that some women sexually harass their boys, wards, helps and children living under their care? They expose some of these young boys into sexual activities from a very tender age; by playing with their genitals vice/versa.
• I bet you didn’t know that some of the reasons a boy successfully becomes a pervert is due to the fact that: their parents (especially their mothers) cover up their mess simply because they are trying to avoid family embarrassment and shame; thereby failing to reprimand their kids the right way.
• Do you also know that a lot of women encourage child molestation? You can do a random search on this, some women even spite these young girls for “getting it” as if unwanted sex is a good thing.

Women who hate other women

WWHOW (Women who hate other women) are very much on rampage, the numbers are increasing on daily basis; I tell you… these women are viscous, they are vain, and they’re despicable. In the history of hate, women’s hate is overwhelmingly boundless. You don’t want to fall prey to these women, I tell you, and they will; chastise you, shame you publicly and destroy your reputation. Example traits to look out for are:
• Some married women who do not respond to your greetings because of your marital status.
• Some women who looks at young girls with scorn whenever they meet up at social gatherings.
• Some women who would trash talk you whenever you visit their sons… especially those who finds fault with everything about your personality as a girl child.
• Some women who treat their female children as step-kids. These women deprive their girls the liberty of being girls.
• Some women who encourage their sons or husbands to beat up their female kids.
• Women who are never satisfied with the kindness of other women.
• Women who gossip and trash-talk other women they claim to be friends with.
There are so many more traits to look out for, play your part as a good person and try to stay away from these women (WWHOW). They will never appreciate you, so it is no use trying to befriend them or try to please them by downgrading yourself. BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU!!


Women who are perverts

Come with me to the land of reality… the land where almost nobody speak of sexual abuse on the boy child… yes, boys can be sexually abused too. A while back, I travelled to my hometown in Edo state where I met with some old time acquaintances.

Incapable parents
Some of these people have kids now and because of their financial status, they give out their children to friends and family members as aids.

So it happened that one of the male kids were sent away to live with some woman whom they once knew. The boy lived with her for a few years until he was about; 15 years old. Some weeks into the end of November 2014, the boy was home to his mother. The mother called to inquire what prompted the sudden departure of the boy, the woman said thus: I have tried my best to train your child, but it seems that the boy is now bigger than me; he no longer listens to me… I don’t want to have hypertension because of the boy.

Sexual abuse on the boychild

Long story short, the boy settled in well with his peers; boys and girls alike, and everyone was happy. Then one day, an older neighbour caught him having sexual intercourse with a 13 year old cousin of his. After much scrutiny and questioning, he opened up on how his former guardian used to make him touch her etc.

Apparently, this boy has successfully lured more than five of his female neighbours into having sex with him. According to him, he knows just where to touch them, how to touch them, and when one is on menstruation, he moves to the next.

May we all be vigilant as women to train up our kids (boys and girls) with no exemptions nor excuses whatsoever!! For I strongly believe that, a lot of men are scum today because their parents failed to train them up in the right way.


Note to mothers

Mothers!! Could you please stop trying to make life miserable for your girls by forcing them to be unambitious, timid and undeserving? Because as girls, we don’t need to be the only gender who has to work hard for the love of men and the society… let there be a balance. As much as the men deserve love, so do us (women).

To my fellow women and girls out there, let us be our neighbour’s neighbour. Let us be the beacon of hope the world deserve, let us be the best we were created to be.

We are a symbol of truth and grace, we are the light…
LET US PROTECT OUR CHILDREN (MALE OR FEMALE) at all cost. Let us not turn a blind eye to injustice and molestation on our children.
#Report any case of violence against children, men and women.

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