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Easy ways to lose weight naturally and fast

January 8, 2019 | Articles | 8 Comments

Weight loss management
The easy way is the best way

Weight loss/weight gain has been a trending topic on the web for the last decade. If not Tens of thousands, perhaps a few hundreds of bloggers and health practitioners have written articles, made podcasts, campaigns, and even wrote books on how to achieve a proper weight loss.

I’d tell you this; the first step required for you to commence that weight loss journey… begins with you! How? I’d tell you.

Some excessive weight gain or weight loss are psychological. You’d agree with me that, a good number of persons are unhappy with their looks; especially their body sizes.

Body arts
A sound mind aids a healthy lifestyle

So, scientifically proven, your mental and psychological behaviour may affect the way you appreciate yourself/body. Don’t forget “a sound mind aids a healthy lifestyle”

Societal views shouldn’t matter
Some years ago, skinny and petite girls were prone to depression because they’re constantly being bullied and neglected by their lovers – for their tiny body sizes, skinny nature and the inability to put up weight/add extra flesh.

Honestly, I was that girl… I used to be that girl… one who had no genuine friends. A few of my classmates back then were ashamed to be seen with me; whenever their admirers came around to woo them.

Peer pressure at school

I was clueless as to why girls my age would boastfully talk-me-down because they had bigger tits and butts than I had. I remember how disappointing that was, I was so alone and often, I wondered why my body size mattered that much. Till this very day, I am still unsure why society wants us to see some human beings as trendy commodities.

Even when i tried to befriend the boys, they pretended to like me because of my intelligence—they benefited greatly by having their homework done for them without stress. Trust me, it has been a savage society since the 21st century and that’s not about to change anytime soon.

Parents/guardians should pay more attention
If I were an unhappy kid, I probably would have gone into depression. Although, I had help with my dad buying me tons of books to read. I was privileged to have parents who saw through every of those countenances each time I returned home from school.

Reading and applying all of those positive lessons helped me build the right mind-set. In those books, there were no definite description of how a human being should appear to the public; before he/she is accepted.

They didn’t speak about models nor regard them specially— neither did they tag any woman as “plus size”. They simply called them all “beauty” and those books greatly enriched me mentally and positively. Part of the reason I became a writer.


Back to the topic:
Losing weight must be solely for you- there should be a positive reason as to why you’d want to shed those extra pounds. Honestly, I’d advise: if it’s not health detrimental, then, don’t put yourself through the unnecessary pressure.

You’re beautiful and there’s no one else around this planet.. like you! I can categorically tell you that ‘if a person loves you for your body features‘ they are undeserving of you.

Here are a few tips you can try naturally.
• Cultivate the habit of exercising without ceasing.
• Eat healthily, and accordingly- breakfast, lunch and dinner must have a proper schedule.
• Learn to swim.
• Learn to dance (extracurricular activities helps to keep the mind active and; what better ways to shed those extra pounds if not by being active?
• Learn to be sufficient for you (this is paramount), learn a new skill if you must.
• Exercise more… once this becomes a habit, then you are all set..

Learn to twerk like a pro
There’s no excuse for body-shaming

Don’t lose weight for the following reasons

Don’t lose weight for your spouse; unless he/she’s encouraging you for healthy reasons.
Don’t lose weight to fit in; Even the best of us don’t fit in — anywhere.
Don’t lose weight to attract people; Love is not weight/size related.
Don’t lose weight because it is trendy; “everyone is doing it, I might as well join in” –if you’re bored, enrol for an online class, start a blog or learn a new craft. TRENDY WILL BE OVER SOON.
Don’t lose weight for a pair of jeans; if they didn’t make your size, find a tailor who can make something similar and prettier.
Don’t lose weight for an event; it is totally unworthy.
Don’t lose weight to be a celebrity lookalike; trust me you’re better off. Some of them go through hell or high water to attain that spot, and they’re mostly skinny because the job demands it “so they say” 😉
Don’t lose weight for sex. Puuuf!!! Unless your body’s getting in the way of that kamasutra…Lolzzz. Sex is supposed to involve the genitals and not your body size/type. Every BODY is fuckable.
Don’t lose weight to appear younger; plenty downsides to this (especially when your son’s friend starts hitting on you)..duh!! Some peeps turned grey at 40, still they’re as young/sexy as they ought to be.


Losing those extra pounds for you; is the natural and right way to lose weight fast.

Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section. 💋

Reasons why we don’t need prayers but orientation…

Quotes for Christians
Ignorance is destructive…

I am not here to discuss about beliefs or talkdown those who are chronic believers of some certain pastor’s God- rather I’m simply conveying a message of truth.

A lot of people who will be reading this article may feel offended or even castigated, but the bitter truth is: YOU MUST LIVE YOUR LIFE ACCORDING TO THE RULE OF GROWTH.

Africa is a blessed land, needless to mention the uncountable minerals and natural resources that lays deep beneath the earth crust. Of all these things, we’re are regarded as one of the poorest continent.

☆☆Dear Nigerians/Africans☆☆

Latest gist about Nigeria
Take up your cross and bear it!!

In the last decade, what can we honestly beat our chest about in Nigeria?
▪Roads are terrible, especially highways.
▪Education has become more pricey.
▪The labour market keeps increasing, while value for labour decreases.
▪The government keeps exploiting us in the disguise of “education is the best legacy” — no matter where you are hiding, you must enrol your child in school… so jamb helps recycle the Monies.
▪The rich keeps soaring while the poor remains static; only because the rich people invest-and the poor pray for miracles… lolzzz
▪Women hating women because they’re angry birds…literally they hate that they’re less powerful than men. This is actually because most of our men are almost liabilities. (Beside their ego, money and genitals) they can’t really do anything.
FYI. Shame on parents who train their girls and raise their boys to be figure heads.

Let’s not even get me started, the list is endless.


 Wherefore shall we rid ourselves of this ignorance that’s slowly becoming a deadly scourge to Africans? If majority of our youths have become this clueless, how then do we prepare for the future? If you’d ask me, I’ll advise then to start acting and stop praying.


In all honesty, I think we’ve been brainwashed into believing that spirituality controls everything. That’s a negative truth, and i feel we must face reality squarely if we must attain a good stage in life.

You can’t eat up your cake and still have it! God is God and a spade glaringly remains a spade. If you don’t brush your teeth when you wake up at dawn, the Holy spirit isn’t going to do that for you. You must take up your cross and bear it.

Where to find help when in despair
God simply wants you to be responsible..!

If you desire a life of comfort, you must work hard for it. You don’t need to ask God to make you rich; brethren, he already did that for you. God needs you to take responsibility for your life.

       ☆☆Hard truth☆☆

Stop spending your salaries on pledges and elaborate events. Invest that money and it will multiply. You don’t need a pastor to give you an ultimatum, God is everywhere, He’s already with you…don’t you get it?

Do you need someone else to tell you who your father is? I mean literally, will your sibling dictate to you what your father is capable of? Aren’t you both offspring to the same parent already?

   ☆☆Let's be honest!☆☆

Let us wake up! Christianity is not the only religion there is, but in this part of the world, it has ruined more lives than we can count. Our Christian leaders needs to teach the people, give them the right orientation that will indeed foster their lives.

This is 2019, don’t holla amen to marriage proposals that you know ain’t real. If you want to marry, find yourself a date, be friends with each other, be honest with what you both want… and if he’s right for you, he’s yours.
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Perhaps, you’ve been dating the wrong ones (fuck boys), they’re just in it for the sugar. You must be smart to outsmart the player. A real guy/girl will not play with your emotions, talk more; your heart.
◇◇BIBLE Reference◇◇

Matt 16:24

If any man would come after me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me.

The bible is the greatest compass to ever exist. You must take responsibility for your life, no magic, no prayers, this is reality. God’s ways are paramount to humans, but to truly enjoy your life with God you must first understand that; God doesn’t want you to be a liability to yourself.

Feel free to comment below, let’s hear your opinion on this topic.

Season’s greetings to you and yours😘💕

Happy holidays from Jaygirl!

December 29, 2018 | Articles | 3 Comments

Beautiful Christmas quotes
A blissful Christmas to you and yours!

It’s with great pleasure that i express my profound gratitude to you and yours this holiday season.

Christmas mostly comes with lots of fun.. old and new friends, family and acquaintances comes together for merriment. I hope you all are having a beautiful holiday season? If you’d like to share, I’ll write a new article after New year day…so we could all share our experiences.

You have been part of my journey as a blogger and writer, and I’m thrilled to be sending you this beautiful poem; please read below. And do share with your loved ones… Thank you all! 🙏💙❤


A very merry Christmas to you
Filled with cherry and grapes
Apple pots and watermelons
I hope you merry in estasy.

Christmas comes to you yearly
Whether or not you’re prepared
It comes slowly and fast regardless
You’ve got no choice but to merry

It comes almost like a weather
It may breeze, freeze, or snow
But yay or nay, it hardly rains
It’s Christmas afterall, merry!

Wouldn’t you rather cheer up?
Cos the more Christmases to come
A little bit less is left in store..
This time may be different
Yet, it’ll come again… same time soon.

If you love this poem, please leave a comment below.