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Reasons why we don’t need prayers but orientation…

Quotes for Christians
Ignorance is destructive…

I am not here to discuss about beliefs or talkdown those who are chronic believers of some certain pastor’s God- rather I’m simply conveying a message of truth.

A lot of people who will be reading this article may feel offended or even castigated, but the bitter truth is: YOU MUST LIVE YOUR LIFE ACCORDING TO THE RULE OF GROWTH.

Africa is a blessed land, needless to mention the uncountable minerals and natural resources that lays deep beneath the earth crust. Of all these things, we’re are regarded as one of the poorest continent.

☆☆Dear Nigerians/Africans☆☆

Latest gist about Nigeria
Take up your cross and bear it!!

In the last decade, what can we honestly beat our chest about in Nigeria?
▪Roads are terrible, especially highways.
▪Education has become more pricey.
▪The labour market keeps increasing, while value for labour decreases.
▪The government keeps exploiting us in the disguise of “education is the best legacy” — no matter where you are hiding, you must enrol your child in school… so jamb helps recycle the Monies.
▪The rich keeps soaring while the poor remains static; only because the rich people invest-and the poor pray for miracles… lolzzz
▪Women hating women because they’re angry birds…literally they hate that they’re less powerful than men. This is actually because most of our men are almost liabilities. (Beside their ego, money and genitals) they can’t really do anything.
FYI. Shame on parents who train their girls and raise their boys to be figure heads.

Let’s not even get me started, the list is endless.


 Wherefore shall we rid ourselves of this ignorance that’s slowly becoming a deadly scourge to Africans? If majority of our youths have become this clueless, how then do we prepare for the future? If you’d ask me, I’ll advise then to start acting and stop praying.


In all honesty, I think we’ve been brainwashed into believing that spirituality controls everything. That’s a negative truth, and i feel we must face reality squarely if we must attain a good stage in life.

You can’t eat up your cake and still have it! God is God and a spade glaringly remains a spade. If you don’t brush your teeth when you wake up at dawn, the Holy spirit isn’t going to do that for you. You must take up your cross and bear it.

Where to find help when in despair
God simply wants you to be responsible..!

If you desire a life of comfort, you must work hard for it. You don’t need to ask God to make you rich; brethren, he already did that for you. God needs you to take responsibility for your life.

       ☆☆Hard truth☆☆

Stop spending your salaries on pledges and elaborate events. Invest that money and it will multiply. You don’t need a pastor to give you an ultimatum, God is everywhere, He’s already with you…don’t you get it?

Do you need someone else to tell you who your father is? I mean literally, will your sibling dictate to you what your father is capable of? Aren’t you both offspring to the same parent already?

   ☆☆Let's be honest!☆☆

Let us wake up! Christianity is not the only religion there is, but in this part of the world, it has ruined more lives than we can count. Our Christian leaders needs to teach the people, give them the right orientation that will indeed foster their lives.

This is 2019, don’t holla amen to marriage proposals that you know ain’t real. If you want to marry, find yourself a date, be friends with each other, be honest with what you both want… and if he’s right for you, he’s yours.
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Perhaps, you’ve been dating the wrong ones (fuck boys), they’re just in it for the sugar. You must be smart to outsmart the player. A real guy/girl will not play with your emotions, talk more; your heart.
◇◇BIBLE Reference◇◇

Matt 16:24

If any man would come after me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me.

The bible is the greatest compass to ever exist. You must take responsibility for your life, no magic, no prayers, this is reality. God’s ways are paramount to humans, but to truly enjoy your life with God you must first understand that; God doesn’t want you to be a liability to yourself.

Feel free to comment below, let’s hear your opinion on this topic.

Season’s greetings to you and yours😘💕

The Broken Vase chapter 2

April 19, 2018 | Articles, True Life Stories | 4 Comments

As I once wrote “if that which was hoped for fails to manifest; then the lingering faith propels the mind for better opportunities to thrive”.

As long as the heart keeps pushing, the body will not faint.

Sleeping in peace

Just as “belief is a personal confirmation of an acclaimed truth”, Amaka did believe that God was real. And so, she continued to pray till she fell into a deep sleep.
Medically, such a sleep could be termed as “coma” but in this case things were different. It started off as a beautiful sleep where Amaka saw herself dreaming about the things she liked. And in that dream, she saw her father calling unto her and waking her up. Amaka didn’t understand any part of the dream because it probably wasn’t a dream.

Soon afterwards, she was awoken by a painful and somewhat sting from her back. She open her eyes to find herself on a hospital bed, with her dad by her side. That little moment Amaka dreamed her dad was waking her up was clear reality. Her father had closed early from the office that day, and planned on going to Amaka’s school to get a transcript for her transfer to a new school.

Saved by the bell

When Mr. Joseph opened the entrance door to his apartment, he immediately noticed the absence of his wife and daughter. He thought they had gone shopping or probably visiting the mall for a change of scenery. All for him to find his only child laying helplessly on the floor with blood everywhere. Mr. Joseph would have preferred to hold his daughter and cry on top of her like they do in the movies; but this is broadly midday and he wasn’t naïve.

He acted as fast as possible; carried the little girl to the car at once, ran back to take his mobile phone and locked the door to shut invaders out. Mr. Joseph drove as fast as he could and he searched in his mind for a nearby hospital that could save her daughter’s life. He finally found a specialist hospital and rushed in screaming on top of his lungs; Emergency! Somebody help, this is an emergency!! My daughter needs help, somebody!!!

The Lies

After Amaka was taken in to the theater for the removal of the broken piece of vase that had pierced her back, Mr. Joseph needed to call his wife. He ranged Ngozi’s phone twice but there was no answer, he dialed the number again and again till she finally answered.

My dear, Amaka is in the hospital……I met her bleeding when I got home from work this afternoon. Ngozi screamed Jesus three times as though she was surprised to hear the bad news…….. But I just left home some hours ago to visit my friend in the salon and also to make my hair….na wa oo, (she exclaimed in pidgin English). She then offered to visit the hospital but her husband advised she went home to take care of things.

Ngozi was fully convinced that Amaka would dare not reveal the truth behind her accident. Because often times, she’d threaten the little girl with all sorts of monstrous punishments. Unknown to her, Amaka had made up her mind that there was nothing worse than a “near death experience” and Ngozi’s threat were nowhere close to this.

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Amaka is Sasha fierce

The first thing she did after regaining consciousness was to reveal everything to her father……. As Amaka narrated her ordeals, her father couldn’t stop the tears from falling. He blamed himself for putting his little girl through so much pain. But then, he refused to wallow in self-pity; he knew just what to do and how well he’d pretend to keep his cool in order to prevent Ngozi from hurting either of them if she realizes something was up.

He stayed by Amaka’s bedside, his mind was full of thoughts and appreciation because he could have lost Amaka due to his wife’s cruelty and unkind behavior. Mr. Joseph was smart, he knew what was at stake and whatever his decisions were going to be, he’d put “safety”first.

Freedom at last

Amaka got authorized to be discharged from the hospital, and in a few days, she was back home. Her father took an emergency leave from work because he needed to take care of his only child. He’d watch cartoons with her and prepare nice assorted pepper soup for Amaka. The little girl was living the life of a princess she deserved.

Our children deserves everything good…..

Meanwhile, our dear Ngozi couldn’t stand that Amaka was getting so much attention, she was pretty jealous. There were no more unnecessary errands and curses to be laid on little Amaka, she was definitely free from the domestic abuse and battering. It was just the beginning of her anticipated good life, and to crown it up her father got a home tutor to help her study.

Broken chains

Just like a “thief in the night crawls up your window” so did Ngozi’s divorce papers. She got served, and was advised to accept it in good faith. Attached to the papers were documents of the crimes she committed towards Amaka, her jaw was literally on the floor. She didn’t know how to apologize because what she did was beyond pardon”.”

I suppose sometimes; “I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it…….there are things beyond pardon….

So, Mr. Joseph decided to focus on taking care of his daughter and change some of his work routines in order to have enough time with Amaka. He employed temporal chef and cleaners to tend to their needs and he made up his mind to adopt a child later in the near future so that Amaka would have a sibling. It was a good call, and he was lucky to have listened to his daughter.

When you listen with your eyes and mind, you’ll find the hidden truth in the tongue of a scared child.
Save a child from mental instability and stress.

Give a listening ear and pay attention to their body language.
There are monsters amongst us, and they are robbing us off the belief that the good still exists.
Spread the love and not the hate.
Hate is easy, but love is the easiest because it is free.

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Ola the rapist chapter 2

April 13, 2018 | True Life Stories | 5 Comments

Help! Help!! Help!!!

I could only imagine life slipping away….

I was hurting and bewildered, as i became lost in comprehension and could only imagine life slipping away. Somehow, it felt as though some sort of evil spirit had possessed Ola, and instead of being afraid, i became furious. Outrageously, i attempted to push him with all of the strength and rage that i could harness, damn; it was indeed an impossible struggle.
Afterwards, i tried to scream many times as i fought him off of me, his wicked grip hurt like hell……i could feel the peel of my skin under his fingernails.

Please, let me go! I beg of you…..i am certain to have never wronged you? I beg you in the name of God.
Don’t tell me about God, can your Jesus save you now? Let me just do this, you will enjoy it if you struggle no further with me. Ola yelled back!!
Tell it to whom? I couldn’t help but ask myself that question.
I decided to play it out in my head, as i flashed through all the horrified deaths and incidences i have both seen alive and on TV. Then i, became really convinced and pumped up with the will to either kill or be killed.

The Battle I Fought With Everything

Ola ripped off my bathrobe, tried to slide his dirty fingers up my vagina…and then i twisted my right leg in form of a rope across my other leg in order to shut out his hands from reaching my pussy. It literally turned into a fight for survival as my loud screams became obviously unheard. I summoned all the courage and strength left in my body, pushed him off me from against the wall. And as he fell, he pulled me with him and we both landed on his bed.

He started squeezing my boobs and biting on them so that i’d release my legs for him to penetrate my pussy. But, i was ready to die first before letting that son of a monster’s dick go down my vagina. I couldn’t tell of how much time went by, but i was sure of getting out of that room alive and well. So, i continued to struggle with him, but all my efforts became futile.

Death; Not Today..

It was certain that he was probably going to kill me. Although everything was happening in a rush,but time was running fast, and soon Afeez would probably come looking for me. Then again, i screamed, hoping that someone would hear me from across the street. It felt as quiet as a grave yard, i could hear the birds chirping from the trees surrounding the house, and not a voice nor footsteps was heard. It appeared to be doom’s day.

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As Ola wrapped his fingers round my throat, my heart started to race but my lips were not quiet from praying in tongues.
I impulsively tried to pull myself up and i hit my head on the leg of his table. And then, something told me to struggle no more, else i’d be dead. So, i pretended to be out of breath….and then anticipated my next push. Then, i remembered what my mother always said whenever someone hurt her on purpose “God is not Sleeping” and i couldn’t let my life slip away in the the hands of this clothed monster. At least, i wasn’t going to die this way…..this was not the end of the road for me.

My Escape Plan

So i held my breath for a couple of seconds, opened my eyes to behold a Coca-Cola bottle close to the edge of the table…. Then i screamed like a raging lion, pushed the table, fortunately for me, the flower vase approached my short stretched out hand before the bottle could… And then, baaaaaammmmmmmmm!!!! on his head. I rushed out of his room with my robe sweeping the floor because i had no clue who i was at that moment. I remembered crying my eyes out all through the night till i became unconscious.

I literally felt like a stranger in my own skin

I woke up the next morning, unable to speak, bruised and in so much pain. I literally felt like a stranger in my own skin. The more i pondered, the more confused i became and my head was clanging seriously; It felt as though i’d been hit by a truck. Then I called my kid brother to come immediately that morning because i couldn’t handle it alone. By the time he arrived, i buried my head in his arms like a homeless child. My kid brother helped keep my sanity intact, i probably would have set the house on fire and run away. I’m glad i had someone there to share my pain with, and by the time my brother spoke to Afeez that morning, Ola had escaped.

According to Afeez, Ola left as early as 5:00am for Oshogbo (Osun State) that morning. A few weeks after, he put a call through to Afeez, begging for forgiveness, with several text messages. I hoped and prayed that he returned, but he never did.
And untill this very day, no one knows what became of him…..

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