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A beautiful hat is all the shield you need to avoid sunburn.

psychologically, a lot of relationships fail due to so many reasons and depreciating factors. But the most triggered factor is coerced by the expectations a person may have envisaged of their respective partners.

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Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to gush over a person whom you want to spend your life with… but, what’s not okay is: the figurative images of a perfect spouse (or partner) that you may have painted for futuristic purposes.

Life doesn’t work that way… nothing is the same after a certain period of time… change is neither static nor impossible.
So, do yourself a favour and erase those images of “the perfect husband”… wife, or even… the perfect family.

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True love never hide its colours

When you meet a person for the first time,you meet with a ‘ ‘representative’ of that person. Let me rephrase that in a simpler term: every one you meet in most cases are trying to compose themselves to be the best version of the person they want you to meet. I’ll just let that sink in for a bit.

While you’re busy styling your hair and getting your nails done, he’s probably putting on his best pair of pants and chemise. Life’s that weird, right? We’re in a stage where we’re more concerned about perfection than reality… we’re more fixated on the idea of being better than the other person… we’re just waiting for one little err from that person to quickly hands-off them. Afterwards, we blame it on the society.

Whereas; we are the society! We’re the reason we’re being labelled, judged and condemned. When we develop a sense of realisation towards acknowledging the basic principles of life… we’ll be able to help each other grow.

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A healthy lifestyle keeps you young always

Back to the topic at hand: Your spouse will change, yes, they’ll grow grey… they’ll become grumpy some days too. Question is, are you willing to accept all of these personalities? Of course, there will be beautiful days and amazing realities, but it all comes with a little less sugar some other days.

Your “I love you” should not be said if it’s conditional, it should mean exactly what it denotes. I love you is a statement of confirmation that’s said to a person out of confidence,it’s a declaration of belief indicating one’s genuine feeling towards another. A lot of people have given up on love today because of the shallow minded people they once met… those who toyed with the luxury of their precious time and efforts.

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Reality is that: the eyes would see the same things and envisage it from the very perspective they once had of it. That regardless of evolution, the heart remains unwaveringly conscious of the decisions it once made. Love is realistic in nature, just like art; it appeals to the mind’s eye.

Does this post relate to you? Do you find yourself gradually falling out of love with your partner, because of the attribute(s) you’ve now come to see in them? Let’s get talking…kindly leave a comment in the section provided…I’m here to respond and share ideas on this topic.

Looking forward to reading from you. 💙💙💙

Earlier today, i got a call from my (younger) brother. He’d gone to visit our older brother in a not so far away city from Lagos. We talked a bit into the evening before retiring to doing other things.

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Show up, roll-up your sleeves and get your hands on deck.

One of my close friends had lost his mom and i was not in a pleasant state of mind. But because my brother knew how much that friend meant to me, he tried to engage me in some fun conversation.

During the phone conversation, he mentioned he was cooking. My mom and dad had made sure everyone of us learned how to cook (our favourite meal at least)… obviously, i needed to tease him and get to know more about what he was prepping. But we couldn’t talk much as he needed to prepare his intended meals, i supposed it wasn’t going to be pretty easy.

Long story short; he called back 3 hours later, and by this time, he’d prepared stew, egusi soup, dodo (fried plantain) and beans. He was happy to share his kitchen moments with me.

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What thrilled me most was the joy he derived from it…then he referred to our mother… in his words “momsi try for us ooo” i am never going to allow my wife cook all by herself. Everyone has to be responsible around the house, that way we’d value and respect ourselves more. I guess life would be easier that way… i can’t begin to imagine how mom must have felt. Each time i rejected food undermining her efforts I’d ask her for a different meal aside the already prepared meal… he said!
Men cook too and some of them appear better in the kitchen than some women.
Nigerian fried stew

I listened patiently and deep down i felt proud to hear those words pour out of him. Then, i realised how much of a REAL & RESPONSIBLE MAN my mother has raised.

To every one out there; be responsible for you. Be useful in every way possible… show up, roll-up your sleeves… and get those hands to work. A girl child is not assigned to be a second citizen, neither is she restricted to doing everything to please a man. We must all be responsible regardless of our age, marital status or gender.

I hope this article will inspire you (parents, guardians, individuals) to be more responsive and compassionate in our daily lives.

Thank you for reading.👍👍

There is something spectacular about the formation of a word. First it is just a couple of letters put together, which graduates into a word, a sentence, and a then, a phrase. When we speak, we command and vibrate at the same time from the depth of our being. Sometimes, it doesn’t take so much power to speak simple words, but other times, it could take a lot of energy for us to express our feelings by simply talking or voicing out.

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Apparently, our confirmations make the greatest appeal for us on our behalves even without us knowing it. Starting from the brain, the formation of a speech passes through a chain of connections. And from an x-ray vision, one can visualize the channels by which all of these words are formed and how they are being manifested. Assuming you were to change the future by yelling out a few words, what would you say? What words would you use?

You must teach yourself to accept failure.

Ever wondered how people change their minds instantly after confirming to be in an agreement with you? Well, it’s pretty simple! Some ponder and wonder at first, and after a brief moment in thoughts, they tell themselves that it won’t profit them. Hence, they disagree and turn you down. Now, my point is, if you’d only sit down and give yourself a moment to ponder over things, you’d probably make less mistakes and have less regrets.

When you refuse to accept the fact that failure is real, then the route to success will be hidden from you. If, for instance you’re bad in mathematics, and you keep ignoring the fact that you really suck at it; it’ll become so difficult for you to accept the harder choice of wanting to learn more and be better at it. However, if you accept it boldly by confirming that “I suck at maths” then whenever your parents talk about it, you won’t be extremely defensive. Therefore, your willingness to better yourself at maths now becomes an easy choice.

The positive power of affirmations

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Some folks wait months after being into a relationship to say the word “I love you” and until that word is said repeatedly, it’s rarely believed. In essence, the confirmations of those three words uttered by a lover becomes real to him and his supposed partner. Even though there are doubts in their minds, their positive affirmations brings them closer to the reality they’re hoping for.

Therefore, you can only be what you’ve accepted to be by confirming to yourself through your utterances and words of your mouth. Out rightly, you should have fear, you should quiver sometimes; that way, you realize the task ahead is huge and that it requires a lot of effort and positive affirmations which will endorse your intended result.

In order to help the brain stay relevant and sane, we feed it with information and activities that are necessary. Otherwise, it becomes void and empty without all of those words we utter and the voices we listen to. As you speak, your brain process the bigger part of your words and mostly, images are formed in your mind’s eye. It is therefore ideal for a person to speak goodness into his own life and as the mind processes the images, the universe is registering it and creating a reality for it.

You must affirm to confirm

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Let your words be your ladder.

To succeed in life, you have to teach yourself how to speak success out of your mouth, speak it so much that you meditate on it. And as you go on in life, those words will inspire your success journey and remind you of the dreams you once had. Remember, your mind-eye is like a camera, it pictures everything the mouth speaks and registers information as they penetrate the earlobes. Unless you see it, there’s no manifesting it! You must be able to speak it, see it, for it to happen. That is how your miracles are erected and perfected………the power to accept that which is not yet seen in order to deliver it into an expected existence……….miracles.

More so, no one can confirm your miracles without your affirmation of it; same way you ought to know that your destiny is in your own hands. For as long as you can decide what happens in your life by the agreement of your words “belief” nothing otherwise that has been said about you will stand. In order to conform, you must confirm and be in agreement to what you want; this is how your reality will be transformed.

A perfect example is the Christian faith! To accept the Lord Jesus, you must confess Him as your Lord and saviour. Confessions are your confirmations and as you utter those words, they become your truth. Change your life today by confessing the right words into reshaping your future. The power to achieve your goals are in your hands……confess it and let the universe register it and bring it to reality for you.

Speak your truth……
Your miracles are just a word away from you.
Say it and agree to it, the power is in your lips…