Daily Tips for good living

Do good things! Do them , not for monetary gains nor selfish reasons; but, do them in the remembrance of your name.

Some may stumble in life as a result of the anger and bitterness they let consume their hearts. They may not even realise it, but gradually, they’ll become the very opposite of whom they once were. The sad truth is; you’re troubling yourself a great deal-needless to say, sadness is the machine fueling depression, cancer and eventually death.

Maybe you dont hear this very often- life is as simple as you want it to be your perception goes a long way in reshaping the images that unfolds before you, on daily basis. In otherwords, your thoughts are a projector which constructs or modifies the images that are revealed in the mind-eye. Like it or yes, for your own good, you must think good thoughts– feed your mind with positive affirmations- read books and explore the world.

Remember thus: ‘As you walk this earth, you are not alone; you belong with a few, and maybe a couple more belong with you. However you may; do not throw your life away- it is unforgivable to purposefully live recklessly and selfishly.’
Don’t be fooled by those who openly talk-down others. They are not reprimanding, they’re shallow and steering up hate. In order to be at peace with yourself and others, try to forgive all wrongs [it is uneasy, but it is worth your sanity] you can’t keep holding grudges, be in contempt with others… you ought to let go… it is the only way your heart can truly be full of joy. It doesn’t matter how long the hurt lasted, all that matters is your acceptance and understanding that you can only change yourself and not others. You are not responsible for the behaviors and perception of other people; the more reason forgiveness is paramount. Just so you know; in order to save the world, you need to save yourself first. It all begins with individual acceptance of the change we so much desire!
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If you enjoyoyed reading this article, don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section. I implore you to think deeply on this topic and apply it to your daily routines. Liife is beautiful, it’s for the best that we all are happy!!

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