Loose fitting clothes, chiffon skirt

5 Tricks for an EASY menstruation

Menstruation is one of the biggest deals of a woman’s life in general. Why? well, this is because almost everything revolves around that time of the month; Whether or not you have been your best self, broke, bedridden or even depressed, menstruation comes anyway.
However, you’ll agree with me that our menstrual days can sometimes be a nightmare, rendering us almost incapable of living as normal as we should.

A woman preparing for her period

Thankfully, with age comes wisdom which we gracefully gather from tons of personal and external experiences living in our own various little spaces in all corners of the world.

I am very sure, that no matter how many period years we have, we can never really be able to boast about mastering it—each period comes with its own rules or manuals (safe to say, no two menstrual periods are the same.)
So, here are a few tips on how I manage some of my most hectic period days.

Create a how-to-cope schedule

quick tips to enable you have an easy period
Living well with menstruation

Creating a proper schedule helps me stay above water on my menstrual days. Especially because I won’t be my best self, so it is pretty much like a monitor or personal assistance (so to speak) when your alarm beeps, reminding you of what’s next on your to-do list for the hour.

If you are a work from home lady like me, creating a proper schedule plan might be the best way to get your most important tasks done in order to avoid relapses. When it comes to creating this kind of feasible plan, you need to create a list of the most important things you need sorted each day.

Trust me, you will experience fatigue, cramps and probably many more symptoms, however this vary from woman to woman. So, your list shouldn’t be as full to the brim as your regular day’s list, take it easy on yourself and create the list with the most important tasks, and arrange them in order of priority and deadline.

Dress up and add a touch of bright colours


Starting my day with the brightest of colours helps me stay motivated and up to the task. Quote me wrong, but this is a personal discovery that I recently made in my 30s —I noticed that on my period days I mostly feel very sore, and I just feel completely incapable of being my usual self. But then, one morning I got up early enough, had a bath and dressed up; I felt somewhat relieved. It was like my own little miracle and I just couldn’t picture how that could have helped.


Loose fitting clothes, chiffon skirt
Beautiful outfits for church, picnics, dates and more

In the course of deliberating, I realised that it is obviously relatable because, dressing up and looking good has a psychological tendency to lift one’s spirit. I guess this is why a lot of humans dress up to be their best selves, some even have their signature colours and style to go.

My best advice is, wake up each morning dress up like you’re ready to go get your favourite ice cream, coffee and whatnot. Just help yourself feel like ‘you’ve got this’ and I promise you, it’ll be such a game changer for you.

Some of the most recent colours I added to my wardrobe are:

A beautiful shirt dress by Jaygirl’s Couture

• yellow (they make me feel warm on gloomy days),
• baby blue (they make my skin pop),
• burnt orange or just orange (this is another colour closer to yellow), however this replaces brown for me…it just gives that chick feeling.
• Neon is a mood booster for me, just like yellow. It amplifies my spirits and makes me feel like I am ready to go get my favourite fruits from the garden (my favourite fruit is cashew fruits).

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Practice drinking Green tea

Yes, you read that right; green tea! I am well aware that a lot of people crave chocolates and ice cream during their period days, but my friends; green tea is a massive game changer! Green tea contains antioxidants that helps normalise metabolism and alleviate stress. Here are a few things I notice about green tea each time I indulge:
• It eases my tension.
• Makes me feel lighter.
• Helps me get Into and maintain a good mood.
• Reduces fatigue.
• Helps me sleep well.
• This may be just me, but it reduces the formation of face and body acne for me.

and my go-to brand is Qualitea green tea.

No tight clothing or underwear.

When I am on menstruation, it is almost impossible for me to put on clothes, let alone tight fitted clothing. Reason is; probably because I feel like my body is going through a lot and that, it needs to breathe completely.

I know menstruation is seen as something we are expected to not complain about, due to the fact that a lot of humans are trying to make light of the symptoms that comes with them… and as a matter of being on the good side of society… thereby trying to bash or shame women who do not pretend to be superwomen during their menstrual period.

Jaygirl’s Cold Shoulder Sundress

Well, I am not a superwoman, and on menstruation days I try to wear dresses made out of cotton stretch, knits, poly, linen and silky fabrics. The aforementioned are good and easy on the skin — creating the right amount of comfort required to get you through those difficult days with ease.

Taking naps

Napping has been a recommendation given to humans of all ages since time immemorial, especially by oriental doctors. Nowadays we just typically get all sorts of prescription and no advice on how to really get rid of the problem.
So, I am urging you to get yourself into some good napping routine for your period days. When I nap, I feel rejuvenated, rested and level headed. Even though we struggle with time, we must put our health as top priority always.

Shocking thing I also discovered is that, Cristiano Ronaldo also likes to take naps and as he said, it helps him get a good amount of rest which enables his performances on the pitch. You need it too, since you are going to be awake at nights changing tampons, menstruation cup or sanitary pads.

Some benefits of taking a nap.

• may help reduce irritability
• manage blood pressure
• improves mood
• helps you remember and preserve memory
• may help with mental alertness
• good for your skin
• may improve your physical outlook/appearance
• good for your heart.

Thank you so much for reading, share your thoughts, and best individual practices you indulge during your period days. I can’t wait to read your comments.

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