• A broken man brings nothing but turmoil to the people, but happiness elevates the soul of every man.

When a child is born, he knows absolutely nothing. And the environment to which he is raised modifies him just as much as the people surrounding him. He learns mostly of the things visual to him than those he hears, however, the persistent training given by the parent, plays a vital role.


When the Holy Bible recorded; Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it in  Pro:22:6 KJV, the Bible wasn’t only referring to the minor day to day activities, but to all areas of life. Because, it is in a man’s weakness others find strength.


When you teach your child Self-Respect, Love, Kindness, Compassion, Patience, and Tolerance, these attributes automatically becomes a part of them. Remember, these are not what they are supposed to learn from school, they are suppose to master these traits as their first immaterial inheritances. Never make the mistake of neglecting your child, because the “Greater Tomorrow” we all seek lies in the good upbringing they get today.


There are so many weaklings posing as youths in our environments today, children growing into young adults with low self-esteem. Some of these youths have no regards for fellow humans, they lie, steal, defraud, and so on. When a child is allowed to strike his neighbor, friend or anyone just because he is angry, this child grows up with the notion that “It is okay to abuse their child, or even their wives”

Those who tends to show strength by raising their fist against others, are the weakest of them all.

Never allow anger to reduce you to the extent of raising your fist against a person, unless it is for self-defense, only when your safety is at risk. For “there is not a word that can be said to have destroyed a man in the past” therefore, no single word in existence can kill you. So, do not let a man’s word control your emotions so much that it consumes you.

When you love yourself so much and understand its value, you will develop the ability to love your neighbor without hesitations.”





Vol. 3 will be up in a bit. #StayTuned


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