How to live up to your full potentials- an open letter to every woman!

Dear Fellow Woman,

where to find courage as a woman

A woman is so much more!

I am Jaygirl! I am a lady just like you- I am a daughter to my mother, a sibling, a friend and a lover- we’re very much alike regarding some of our feminine attributes. I hope this letter meets you in good condition, and i hope you’d get to smile after reading…

Permit me to say; you have underestimated your capabilities so much that, you have tried to always and slowly cut down your standards and worth. You’ll also agree with me that you have for some unknown – but norm reasons- accepted to be less of the person you (always wanted to be) truly are.

I am writing you this open letter because, as a woman, I can relate with some of the things you have and are yet to experience. I know you need someone, anyone to at least reach out to you, knowing in recognition that: what you are feeling is real!

Life is hard

when life gets hard here's where to get help as a woman

Life’s tougher on this side of a woman’s world!

Life is hard! For a fact, it is even harder for us as we grow; regardless of our gender. I bet none of us envisaged all of these (the reality happening now!). I won’t say ‘our parents did a bad job at raising us’ we didn’t grow up well, but I feel that our parents mostly shielded us from the real reality- and for that sake- we’re being bombarded with life’s merits and demerits with little to no clue how to handle them.

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I feel your grief sister! I can clearly relate if you say you’re tired and exhausted, because, some of these activities are on a fast train of repetition: happening all over again- every single day! I think… I may have some of the answers you are searching for… just read to the end, please!?

Be unapologetic!

unapologetic woman

Unapologetic is the new fashion!

I don’t know what your name is, but as your fellow woman, I need you to understand that, the journey is tougher on us “women”. My reason being that: we’re in a fast paced world, and as swiftly as things takes turn, so does our credibility and integrity. We are in a world where our gender clearly supports other gender and without a doubt, our fellow women (some) despise other women.

Sister!! Let me be straight with you: some other women will see you as threat, competition, enemy and what not. Truth is; there are more women who hate fellow women than men. In the first place, why would you even hate your fellow human? I mean, it is okay to disagree with their way of life, which everyone clearly has a right to… but why go all the way to make life miserable for a fellow human?

The answers would have been provided if only there are real answers to why people hate. But… the only way to shame them “haters” is to be unapologetic about you and all that concerns you. Naysayers and bashers are just out-rightly harsh because they want what you have.

Meanwhile, sometimes, it may appear as though they have more money and stuff… but in the end, they are just unsatisfied with their own lives… making others feel miserable because they like to punish other people for their own shortcomings.

The only way to defeat these misogynists is by being bravely and boldly unapologetic about your own life and its entirety.
Don’t forget… BE UNAPOLOGETIC!!

Don’t you worry your pretty self!

A sad woman in tears

Worry less, smile more!!

Gee!! I don’t know how else to resound this but: Don’t you worry about a thing! Life’s a roller-coaster, it can be whatever the heck you want it to be if; you can focus all those worry energies into believing in yourself, your crafts, your career, your person and your dreams.

If for any reason you need something, just map out a plan for it and get to work. I know it is not magic, but the universe obeys whatsoever you tell it. When you work, believe in the results that are yet to come. While at it: speak life into everything you do… most importantly; you must give way to the universe- to God (if you are a believer)- so that those good results can truly be manifested.

I always believe that “if you try to play God, God will step aside” … so why worry if it’s honestly not up to up?

Be unashamed!

how to grow your hair with ricewater

A woman should be unashamed

Don’t be ashamed to own up to your own shit: those who literally look above their shoulders trying to paint a picture for others to commend them are clearly wasting their time. There’s no shame at being you; being whomever you chose to become. Sad truth is, whether or not you hide your smile or pride, the society is going to talk about you. If I were you (I clearly am like you… loll) I won’t give two balls about what people say about me; instead I’ll be unapologetic and focus on living my own reality, as I ought to!!
It’s a free world lady!! Go on and live your life…


Give second chances: everyone deserves it; including you. So, don’t be surprised if you’re happen to be deprived of the same things you deprive others.

Be sensitive: everyone has feelings… so be mindful of your actions and words… a lot of people are going through shit that you have no clue of.
Be your word: don’t promise and fail; if you must fail, inform the affected person beforehand or deadline.

Be polite: speak and act with kindness; it denotes compassion towards others. And when you speak to a person, if their countenances change, apologize and remember not to use those words with them again.

Be Loving: everyone deserves love. Sometimes, you might think you do it for them, hidden perk to it is: when you give love, you get love. It may sometimes be un-reciprocated, but other times, you reap it somewhere unimaginable.

Be your own Joy: be able to compliment and satisfy you as a person. Learn to do right by you before you can maturely do right by others. If you can’t understand yourself enough to make you happy/self-sufficient; nobody else can.

Thank you for reading this piece… I may be writing subsequent letters in chapters later on… maybe to a teenage girl or a thirty-something year old. Please, drop your comments down below and let’s chat (there’s a chat box on the blog, feel free to reach out) about how you feel.

Sincerely yours,

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