How to stand out in the society as a woman.

Nowadays, the society expects more from us than it was in the early stages of our lives. It is often said that “a child who washes his hands well, dines with elders”.

I hate to break it to you, but the elders are done eating. You might even have to go through the front door, there the king dines with emperors and wise men.

Let’s not deviate, here’s a few tips on how to be the boss lady every successful guy would want to be with.

You must learn daily.

Learning is life, and to live a fulfilled life, one must learn how to stay updated and informed. In this jet age where technology is the order of the day, it is important to understand how to use it to your advantage. The society didn’t have much respect for women, but times have changed and the women are at the forefront, leading. Your mobile phone is the most important tech support you need, it’s your partner, friend and colleague. You must work with it to work for you, it’s not just made for selfies, it is made to educate you and broaden your understanding by giving you access to a quick reload at the very instant.

You must be creative.

Creativity is something people, especially men find attractive. So if you want to stand out from the rest, you must dabble into making things better with your own hands. Do not be lazy, sometimes instead of going to the salon to style your hair, you could sit in front of a mirror and try to get your hands working for you. Being creative is not very easy, but creativity comes solely from imagination. You have to be magical with thoughts and be able to bring them to life.

One thing is certain, self confidence helps to foster creativity. It is your confidence that will bring out the boldness you require in order to defend your creations.

You must be patient.

To stand out, you must be patient with words, listen attentively to your heart and find the real sense in every critic before reacting. And as you will be conversant with failures and tribulations, be ready to become extremely consistent with learning and restructuring all your failures.

Reality is, every swag is a style…. this implies tryouts. Just like fashion is considered to be “the good side of flaws” so is our day to day activities. Bringing out the best, looking forward to correcting errors, reducing the regrets and taking risks.

People mostly reckon with game changers” and to stand out, you must be willing to break out from the norm.

4 thoughts on “How to stand out in the society as a woman.”

  1. I totally agree with you in having so many obligations to fulfill as a lady. I find this article very important for every lady. However, I strongly feel that ladies should be educated on how to be bosses not “for the purpose of attracting a man” but for the purpose of finding happiness and fulfilling their destinies. This is my first time here but I must say I feel a certain bondbto your blog already.

    1. I agree with you. Hence I used the word “learn” education is related to learning and it’s not restricted to the walls of a classroom.
      I appreciate your contribution, please share with your friends and loved ones. And don’t forget to check in weekly for more inspiring articles.

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