Joke of the week.

To earn what you deserve, you must be willing to work hard for it, else you’d be left with no choice but to accept what’s available.

One day Emeka and Joseph set off on a journey to the stream. Joseph thought it would be great to get some fruits from one of the trees in the local farmer’s backyard.

After revealing this thought to Emeka, he also suggested that he’d be the one to guard the entrance so as to warn Emeka from getting caught.

This they both agreed upon, so they headed out. On approaching the farmer’s backyard, Emeka peeked carefully and thoroughly to be sure that the coast was clear.

Emeka and Joseph examined the mango tree like police men, after capturing the locations of the fruits, Emeka decided to climb.

As he got up on the tree, Joseph begged him to pluck down his favorite mango, because he didn’t want to be idle while he’s on the tree. So, he got his beautiful mango and started biting on it like a lion would his prey.

As he chewed, he started humming and shaking his head like a musical instrument was playing in his mind. Soon, Emeka started to call out his name, but his chewing was too loud and there was no way he could hear his friend calling out to him.

However, Emeka decided to descend from the tree. And as he continued to climb down, he heard a noise, it was almost like a silent whisper. So Emeka hid on the branch of the tree. Meanwhile, Joseph was still carried away with his little moment of unconcious celebration, when a sling shot was fired at him.

This time Emeka was on the ground picking some of the mangoes he plucked, looked towards Joseph and threw a mango at him.

Let us go for the farmer is shooting at us with a sling, Emeka scolded as they both took to their heels. After a long run Emeka urged that they’d stop running cos they were already far away from the farmer’s backyard.

What were you doing that got you so distracted, huh? After promising to be the police in our little arrangement, you relented and we almost got caught. I’m sorry Emeka, it won’t happen again. Yes, I agree with you, because there’ll be no next time, Emeka replied subtly.

Oya, let’s share the remaining mangoes, fetch our water and head home. Oh! Joseph, just how stupid do you think I am???

This i must tell you bluntly; For the man who plants, receive when it’s harvest. And he who works will be rewarded with wages to feed. In life, nothing good comes easily, we must all work for it.

If you love mangoes as much as you’d said, you’d have guarded the entrance and stayed focused till they were plucked. Please, learn from this message and be better next time, Emeka said as he gave Joseph one mango to go home with.