Letter to my potential lover..

I’m not sure what to address you with… just yet! But before bugging myself with title issues, I’ll just let out my heart to you.

Beautiful ladies and letter writing.

I am a woman… one who appeals to thyself and too many… regardless of those who chooses to admit to it. To some others, I am perhaps a certain woman, one who might become friends or acquaintances with these underway strangers. And to a larger extent, I am getting to rediscover myself with every passing day. So, with these discoveries, I have decided to make some few changes. Please read further below;

In a society where a woman comes second; I have chosen to come first… damming the consequences… yes, you read that right. After all these years of being told to talk less and uphold not my right, I have decided to be my own voice and take responsibilities for and by myself. I choose not to recognise whatever the society thinks of me, say about me, neither shall I ever acknowledge whatever it is the society considers me to be. As a freeborn, I am whoever I choose to be.

Therefore, in writing; I am putting this to you today, and for the first time ever, that you should expect from me that which you’ve chosen to dish out. Women are humans as much as men are, and I take it upon myself to declare that I will shut you up whenever you try to push me around… whenever you instruct (instead of advising) me not to speak. And that instead of bottling up emotions… the way (our society has subjected) most women… I refuse to let you nor anyone (including women who hates other women) drive me crazy; all in the name of keeping quiet (being well-trained).

To your mother, I’ll say: I have a family too. And as much as I am happy to be a part of you/your family, so should you/your family feel towards me too. There’s no greater gender nor individual, and it dazzles me whenever I see mothers who’d interview children of other parents just because they are emotionally involved with your kids. Everyone in a not so twisted way… wants the same thing… the best out of life is what we all yearn for.

So if we keep treating women like monsters, then we’ll be exposing our next generation to be off-springs of mentally brutalized parents. Do not reject a fellow woman because she lives her life in a way that is south of yours. Technically, she’s not your lover, but your son’s.


She doesn’t need to dress in certain ways just so you would approve of her… please take a chill pill and let the girl enjoy her youth. Don’t forget what the Bible said about marriage “that a man/woman would leave their parents and become one with their spouse” which in a larger context explains; that you as a parent should let your child enjoy being loved.

I could really care less about your opinion of me… believe me… I have a mother too, and her love is all that matters to me. Just in case you push too hard, your child will gradually despise you until it gets to a point where he’ll never talk to you about his private life. So, I will resound it as many times as possible—as a woman, the best choice left; is to stop hating on fellow women.

Dashing Puerto Rico model

And to you; my potential lover! I need you to know one blatant truth: men who rely on women to do everything at home (all in the name of, it’s her duty as my wife) such a man is just a step ahead of a toddler. Oh yes! Babies are dependent on their mothers until the age of seven, so I’ll urge you to grow up and accept the fact that your genitals hasn’t been proven to biologically hinder you from being responsible as an individual.

Moreover, I hope you read this letter. And I hope that you’ll understand the message it is meant to convey to you. And as you read, don’t forget how much love I have for you… so… be rest assured that women who speak for themselves do not lack respect. You should be proud of the woman I have chosen to become.

To my potential lover,
Yours truly.

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