Lifestyle inspiration

Having true inspiration in our daily lives helps to even out the rough edges. As an inspirer, I’m going to be sharing some my life moments, choices, setbacks and a bit of my love life with you.
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When we wait on people we become lazy, don't wait on anyone, stand by you. And when you do; you'll never fall!

Book reviews

Here, i will be sharing with you some of the books i find fascinating and inspirational. So look out for those books and let's share great ideas from it. I also offer these services on fiver and i will be posting some books on request, starting from June.

lifestyle inspiration

I will be sharing different topics on how to tackle real life issue from my experiences and researched methods. Lets get acquainted... shall we!?

Music and me

Here, you'll have a brief description of my playlist, random and go-to inspirational music from my favorite and most sought about artists.

Jaygirl's quotes

To find true inspiration, you must master the act of learning and meditation. i have an endless list of self curated quotes to inspire you. Click here to follow on Instagram.

My hobbies

A brief of my hobbies will be shared weekly on the blog. I wish for us to get acquainted and share fun ideas as we grow... positively.

My city in colour

I live in Lagos Nigeria. It is a busy city and I'd love to show you around some cozy and happening places in this city. I hope you'll find some inspiration from them should you like to visit!

Magic of crafts

True artistry lies in the power to construct and bring to life the images of mind-eye. I believe in Art, and it has enabled me stay inspired! When days go grey, i pick up mannequin and make a wig,or write an article, a poem or just a quote. Aside blogging, I'm an entrepreneur who learned to monetize her crafts... you should too!

My services

I provide poetry writings, wedding vows as well as i construct love letters, texts and quotes for your loved ones on their special occasion. More-so, i provide professional contents for your blogs and website and i also help to manage webpages, social media pages and design custom websites for you. To order for my services kindly click and be redirected to my Fiverr page. Looking forward to working with you.

I hope my journey and stories helps to improve your life positively.
How to dress simple in a mini red dress.

buddies recommending me

I so much believe in Jaygirl's potentials, and one way or another, she's touching lives. I must say; her traits are impeccable and i recommend her anyday, and anytime.
Oh! My sister is the best in the world. She tries so much to lend a hand, and over the years, i see her doing it through her blog. She is a great persona and a friend to appreciate... i recommend her because of her capabilities and creative traits.