nothing last forever

” It’ll all be over pretty soon” Sadness, pain, frustration, disappointment, agony, failure, lack and poverty, all of these will be over soon enough. When Life gives you another day, it automatically gives you another chance and opportunity to either overcome or start over. Nothing is the same always, we as humans age each day, every hour of everyday. So it is never too late to live again, start over, live that dream, start up that business, embark on that trip you’ve always wanted. Don’t be flustered, discouraged, and don’t you for one second give up on yourself.It is all up to you to make it right for you…Because, nobody can make it right the way you would. Days and days may role by, years, and even decade will pass by. It just doesn’t matter how long it’s been, what matters is the consistent effort you put into making it work. Let not your heart be troubled, do not weary nor feel shy because of the tongues waging around, those who really cares will not let you beat yourself up, rather, they will lend a hand of support. One Day, you’ll realize how alone we all are! Some people are too afraid to walk the walk, and when they fall, they look around for the weak so they can bring them down with themselves.Never forget, Live Your Life, cos in the end, we are so far gone, too soon.

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