Ola The Rapist chapter 1

Starting a University Degree

As a young adult in the university, i was exposed to so many things that i never would have thought existed. And ideally, i just didn’t want to explore life that way because there was so much danger out there that i couldn’t afford to let get to me. So, i approached things carefully, and i measured my footsteps before taking them. This was necessary, especially because cultism wasn’t a hidden thing in Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo State.

Old Buddy/Roommate

After being admitted into the foundation program (pre-degree) to study Botany, even though i applied for Bio-Chemistry, Rita asked that i moved in with her. Rita and i attended the same secondary school and graduated the same time, but she got into the university before me. Though, i was quite reluctant because i wasn’t used to living with other people aside family members. After pondering over it, i took the offer. It was a kind gesture, and given our history, we’re almost like close cousins. Soon afterwards, i moved in with her and school life started happening. I was doing quite good, and Rita and i grew closer as time progressed.

We would go together on the streets of Ihumudumu road to fetch water with a wheelbarrow most evenings because there was no water connection in the house. I remember how she laughed at me the first time i carried a 50 liters of water on the the wheelbarrow, and i literally rode it like a drunkard. The next morning, i couldn’t feel my arms, they were sore from exerting too much muscle strength from the day before. I must say, University life for me in Ekpoma was fun until……………something happened and then, i had to move out of Rita’s place.

My New Lodge.

By the time i left Rita’s place, she was no longer talking to me. I just couldn’t figure out how to deal with malice and resentment. Honestly, it was a lot of nerve-bruising phase and i had to get out of there before things escalated. One of her neighbors took in my stuff while i went to stay with my course-mate from Lagos. That same lady followed me around the better part of Ekpoma, in the search of a new hostel/lodge. And after a wild search, we found a place.

My new lodge was a bit close to the new campus, and far away from Emado campus, where we go for learning. The University made it so, in order to control the crowd of students that comes in and out of each campuses. In less than two(2) weeks, i got all my stuff together and moved in finally. All thanks to Cynthia, it was a smooth and less stressful time for me. Till i left that University, Rita and i never spoke to each other again.

Ola the next door lodge mate.

Ola was a Yoruba guy, a Muslim and he was allergic to fish. In the first few weeks, i was shuffling between my bed and classroom. As a reserved person, i didn’t like to socialize too much because some people have no control over their tongues. So, i’d occasionally invite two of my friends over anytime i needed to talk to someone other than myself and my television. I listened to a lot of Chris Brown and Michael Jackson, they inspire me with their good music and it was the best thing i indulged in.

After a long stay in my new lodge, i made friends with one of the guys in the lodge. Funny thing was; there were four (4) boys and just two (2) girls in the lodge. It didn’t matter so much since everyone was minding their own businesses, we never had quarrels nor fights, it was a peaceful place to live in. But Ola was always in the habit of playing loud music at nights, and this was pressingly disturbing. I’d often bang on his door for him to turn down the volume, it was crazy how he’d do it always just to disturb others.

The Unfaithful Night.

After hurrying back from a 9am to 5pm non-stop classes, i need to cook and eat before setting out to watch the premier league match. It was a Manchester United match versus Liverpool FC, Afeez was waiting for me to finish off so we’d get a good place to sit at the viewing center. Time was drifting so fast that one would imagine the “Rapture” was finally upon us. But as a Naija person, NEPA/PHCN would not just let a girl cook in peace….
One hand had a soup spoon and the other, a Nokia phone as though i was searching for a native herb like a sorcerer’s apprentice.

I finally had to let Afeez go without me, it was the best way to secure our anticipated third row seats. And as he left, i dashed into the bathroom, showered as fast as i could and rushed back inside to dress up. At first, i thought it was a thud from the passage way, then it repeated and i screamed on top of my tiny voice…. who’s there? Afeez, is that you? then the voice answered, it is me, Ola!!

Beautiful women smile mostly.

I quickly put on my bathrobe and opened the door…. how may i help you Ola? He answered sluggishly with a weird stare in his thin face. I need to borrow some of your DVDs, it’s Friday and everyone will be going someplace for the weekend….i ….just want to watch some movies.
One moment please! i rushed in and out as fast as i could and handed him some of my latest Hollywood collections of TV Series. And so, he left with a quarter smile on the face.

The Rape/Murder Attempt

In Less than five (5) minutes he returned, banging on the door and asking for my DVD player remote control. I was already getting pissed off because he was delaying me. I rushed in and handed it over to him, this time he was not by my door. Ola, here’s the remote! He opened the door to find me in the passage way, and then he said; sorry to disturb you, could you please, just show me how it works?

I went inside to check if the remote functions were compatible, before i could understand what was going on!!….Ola had bolted the door. I just shook off the shocking impact that door could have made, and continued to check the DVD.
Next thing i felt was Ola…!! Holding me by the waist with eyes shining like that of a Bush-Cat, i shrugged him, but he didn’t bulge… Then, it dawned on me that Ola may have been waiting for Afeez to leave the lodge that evening.

To be continued.

Stay tuned for chapter 2…..

Talk to Someone about any injustice in your area.
Say no to sexual violence and abuse.
Say no to rape.
A boy/girl/man/woman is not an object of sexual entertainment.
Rape offenders should be castrated.
Shame rapers, they are monsters and murderers in the making.
Protect the sexual dignity of every individual.

I have nothing against the Yorubas, i used it because the Ola character was a Yoruba guy.
Remember; there are saints and monsters in all tribes and works of life.
Read with an open mind. 🙂

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