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Things to consider before saying yes to marriage.

This article is aimed at enlightening young adults who are sexually active. It is written solely to teach them a few things on how to avoid toxic people and relationships.

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6 Life-Saving Tips on How To Stay Afloat in Life’s Ocean

I am well aware that life has never been easy for anyone. But the tenacity to stay afloat is highly required of us, if we must swim through this ocean of life. No one has a dictionary nor a true definition of what life holds, there are only a bunch of shared experiences from friends […]


Never Give Up Hope

It was a tough year, for Linda. The year end holidays was fast approaching, examinations were rounding off and lots of plans were being made…… Linda got caught up in the middle of it all. Thoughts of finishing off was her priority, but then, there’s no way possible she was gonna finish before the scheduled […]