Stay Positive

Unless you say no, nobody else’s no matters

A few months ago, Natasha came visiting her family. It was a short visit but she planned on making the most of it, and this made her folks very happy. They hardly spend time together, and surprising enough, it wasn’t a holiday period so they felt something was off. But for Natty, it was just what she needed because, lately she had been feeling void. Best medicine without doctor’s prescription is a well-spent time with loved ones as Natty advised herself.

A few days passed, and Natty ran into an old friend “Jane” it was a pleasant surprise for them both. Soon they were seated and as expected, it was going to be a long evening for there were a lot of catching up to do. They both laughed and After a while, there was a chilled moment, by this time they’re talking about some tough moments from the past. Unknowing to Natty, Jane had lost everything at some point and it was very tough on her. She was asleep one night when her building caught fire, the neighbors tried calling her mobile but it was turned off. As fate will have it, one of her very brave neighbor broke in to the house from the back door and carried her out unconscious for she’d already inhaled too much too smoke enough to keep her unconscious for days.

She was immediately hospitalized, after a few days, she called her office but things weren’t what she expected. She’d been fired from work, and by this time, she was homeless and jobless. As a fighter, she didn’t let her situation determine her future. She kept pushing forward, calling friends and colleagues for job updates etc. Jackson had loved Jane from the very moment they bumped into each other on the stairway, and the fire bought him the opportunity to become close to her. He came by the hospital and offered to take her to his sister’s house, Jane wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, but she had no choice. Few months after recovery, Jackson came by, this time, he had good news. It was about a job he’d applied for on her behalf and it was a done deal as she got an amazing offer from the company. She never lost hope as she took some free courses online and upgraded while waiting for her next job. Jackson had been a good friend, he later introduced her to the rest of the family as someone close to his heart. Jackson and i are looking forward to becoming an item soon. Here i am a few years after, doing great Jane said. Natty, remember that project we both wanted to do, it’s time we commenced. I believe this is the perfect time to start living our dreams and enjoying each day as it comes. A couple of months later they started a joint business, where they both have to train, mentor and coach people on fashion, hair-styling and art. This was their dream, and fate kept their path entwined, and today, they are doing just fine.

In the end, it wasn’t only about Natty.

In your dark days, seek help and you will find a way. Reach out to the ones you love and their warmth will lighten your spirit. Listen to your inner voice, meditate and pray for God answers. Don’t be a lone soldier, let others help you put the pieces together. Do not relent, learn more, grow, study your environment and explore the world. There’s a lot more you’re yet to see and accomplish. #StayMotivated #GoodMusicIsTherapy #LetLoveDwellInside #BeOfGoodCheer #TheWorldIsNotAboutJustYou #StayConnectedAlways.

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