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Happy holidays from Jaygirl!

December 29, 2018 | Articles | 3 Comments

Beautiful Christmas quotes
A blissful Christmas to you and yours!

It’s with great pleasure that i express my profound gratitude to you and yours this holiday season.

Christmas mostly comes with lots of fun.. old and new friends, family and acquaintances comes together for merriment. I hope you all are having a beautiful holiday season? If you’d like to share, I’ll write a new article after New year day…so we could all share our experiences.

You have been part of my journey as a blogger and writer, and I’m thrilled to be sending you this beautiful poem; please read below. And do share with your loved ones… Thank you all! 🙏💙❤


A very merry Christmas to you
Filled with cherry and grapes
Apple pots and watermelons
I hope you merry in estasy.

Christmas comes to you yearly
Whether or not you’re prepared
It comes slowly and fast regardless
You’ve got no choice but to merry

It comes almost like a weather
It may breeze, freeze, or snow
But yay or nay, it hardly rains
It’s Christmas afterall, merry!

Wouldn’t you rather cheer up?
Cos the more Christmases to come
A little bit less is left in store..
This time may be different
Yet, it’ll come again… same time soon.

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