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psychologically, a lot of relationships fail due to so many reasons and depreciating factors. But the most triggered factor is coerced by the expectations a person may have envisaged of their respective partners.

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Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to gush over a person whom you want to spend your life with… but, what’s not okay is: the figurative images of a perfect spouse (or partner) that you may have painted for futuristic purposes.

Life doesn’t work that way… nothing is the same after a certain period of time… change is neither static nor impossible.
So, do yourself a favour and erase those images of “the perfect husband”… wife, or even… the perfect family.

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When you meet a person for the first time,you meet with a ‘ ‘representative’ of that person. Let me rephrase that in a simpler term: every one you meet in most cases are trying to compose themselves to be the best version of the person they want you to meet. I’ll just let that sink in for a bit.

While you’re busy styling your hair and getting your nails done, he’s probably putting on his best pair of pants and chemise. Life’s that weird, right? We’re in a stage where we’re more concerned about perfection than reality… we’re more fixated on the idea of being better than the other person… we’re just waiting for one little err from that person to quickly hands-off them. Afterwards, we blame it on the society.

Whereas; we are the society! We’re the reason we’re being labelled, judged and condemned. When we develop a sense of realisation towards acknowledging the basic principles of life… we’ll be able to help each other grow.

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Back to the topic at hand: Your spouse will change, yes, they’ll grow grey… they’ll become grumpy some days too. Question is, are you willing to accept all of these personalities? Of course, there will be beautiful days and amazing realities, but it all comes with a little less sugar some other days.

Your “I love you” should not be said if it’s conditional, it should mean exactly what it denotes. I love you is a statement of confirmation that’s said to a person out of confidence,it’s a declaration of belief indicating one’s genuine feeling towards another. A lot of people have given up on love today because of the shallow minded people they once met… those who toyed with the luxury of their precious time and efforts.

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Reality is that: the eyes would see the same things and envisage it from the very perspective they once had of it. That regardless of evolution, the heart remains unwaveringly conscious of the decisions it once made. Love is realistic in nature, just like art; it appeals to the mind’s eye.

Does this post relate to you? Do you find yourself gradually falling out of love with your partner, because of the attribute(s) you’ve now come to see in them? Let’s get talking…kindly leave a comment in the section provided…I’m here to respond and share ideas on this topic.

Looking forward to reading from you. 💙💙💙