The Elites and discrimination 

It is often said that “love conquers all” but with the elites, convenience is considered before love.

A lot of people come out on social media to brag about their strengths and charms, when deep down it is all a “make believe act” putting up the “I don’t care” attitude, I tell you boldly today. They Care, more than you and I, they’re mostly afraid of what others think, so they subtly brainwash followers and fans into believing otherwise.

The Elites and Critics.

Rich and famous people don’t do well with critics, that’s why some of them subject to drug use and alcohol intake. They always want people to commend them, praise them and be there for them. Technically, they’re emotionally lazy because they’re not independent thinkers.

Likewise, when dealing with people of lower class, they tend to think some people who can’t afford certain things are not working hard enough. Of course it’s not true in most cases, because if not for their parent’s wealth most of them won’t amount to pretty much anything spectacular.

Making Mom and Dad Proud.

The rich people don’t give their kids the space and growth they deserve. They shrink them up by controlling everything, even to the extent of choosing their friends and close contacts. Apparently, these kids are supposed to be superkids, no errors, no nonsense because they don’t want the public to know that their kids can faulter. This in essence turns these kids into believing that they must be outstanding in all.

With so much fear of “mom and dad are going to be mad” they tend to get mixed up in a lot of dirty deals, unwholesome bargains and inappropriate behaviors in school and in the society. They can do anything to cover their tracks so that their parents do not find any dirt on them.

Whom to marry.

Gone are those days when arranged marriages forced some people into leaving with monsters and witches. I hate to break it to you, it’s still very much happening. Who else would a rich parent recommend for their son/daughter, if not one of their business partner’s child? After these things happen, majority of them visits night clubs and flirt around because they’re not happy with their marriages.

They’re so used to affluence, they can’t just date any random person because they can’t understand the ways of these middle class folks. Especially if they have nothing in common, they can’t manage such tough situations. So, in some cases, it’s almost impossible for the elites to date with the simple minded or lower class people. Their way of life and personality is distinctively different from the humble breed.

Cutting You Off.

These phrase is often used as a threat from an angry rich parent to their child, especially when the child goes against their wishes and hopes. Some people think, a parent resort to threats when all else fails, but i disagree with that myth. i believe it is a selfish thing to do, because a child is different from he who raised him/her, so there should be freedom to grow independently and also the liberty to err and make proper decisions be granted.

Some parents just want their kids to continue in their footsteps, thereby enjoying that which they’d already been cut off from in time past. This is the most absurd way of life, but it is rampant in our homes and society. The children are forced to do that which profits their parents, thereby creating some sort of deep dissatisfaction and unhappiness for their own kids.

It is like a “bread of infinity” which never leaves the oven, always warm enough to be passed unto the next generation. Dissatisfied and unhappy people gradually develop the habit punishing others for the pains and losses they’d suffered in the past.

Therapy is always an option, happy people find solutions and not cast blames.

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