There are countless ironies in life.

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There are countless ironies in life.

May 9, 2017 | Quotes | No Comments

The guy or girl who came last in class yesterday , might be somewhere better today.

You might not have all you’ve always wanted but eventually, you have all you need. Life is not a competition, but it is journey wherefrom, tomorrow is uncertain.

There was a man who wanted to have many children, but he soon found out that his marriages were failing repeatedly, even though his quest for having lots of kids was working out.

Few years after, he had a house with several kids and no wife to take care of them. All the women in his life left him for one reason or another. But luck found him when he met Jennifer, she was heaven sent.

A few years, they were married and so she helped take care of the other kids alongside her own. This man wanted to have an empire, so he made sure to send every one of his child to school.

Some learned well, and others didn’t. Some became good and others, the opposite. This made him aggressive and temperamental.

Jennifer tolerated him, and even with all of his flaws, she encouraged him, and so he decided to be a philanthropist by helping and encouraging every school child.

He eventually became father to many and his younger kids were inspired. This made them love him and looked to him as a mentor.

This children learned that life gives you exactly what you need above what you want, and they’re still living that legacy till tomorrow.

Lesson : If we treat everyone else as good as we do ourselves, then things wouldn’t be so complex, and life would be more pleasant and beautiful than it already is.

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