Things to consider before saying yes to marriage.

Distance may sometimes be metaphoric in a relationship! While some agree with it, others try to cope with it irrespective of their disposition about being miles apart.

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A partner in love would keep the tides of their love going through time which in most cases, helps to fortify the relationship. However, a couple could be in the same place, and yet miles apart emotionally. The latter feeling can be exhausting as all of the connecting dots that seem to have been active, subtly disconnects. Have you ever experienced such disconnections with someone you’ve given your time to? Or are you in a relationship where you feel like things have drastically subsided, romantically? Are you blaming yourself unknowingly?

Well! This paradigm is relatively inscrutable! It lurks around in your mind, and leave you in a state of perplexity; so much that you start thinking something is wrong with you. You’d start to ask yourself several questions like; am I not submissive enough? Am I visiting my friends too much or could it be because of my kind of job?

All of these and many other questions you’ll ask yourself. But I tell you, there are no answers to them! If a person truly wants to stay connected to you, they will. There’s no magic wand needed to correct the errors, it’s just natural.

So! Before delving into marriage, think on these things and make sure he/she ticks all the available boxes for you.

The following are a few tips to consider before tagging him/her “the one”.

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Aside from your physical attributes, is he really attracted to your persona?

It is believed that a person’s physique is considered firstly before being approached by an admirer. Surprise? I hate to break it to you, it is the honest truth. In this fast growing society, we’re drawn to some of the things we’ve seen others with, and without a reasonable thought we let it attach itself to our minds and automatically, we yearn for same.

Apparently, we’ve seen too many movies where the handsome guy/girl is the lead character and protagonist. And in the story-line, he/she gets to fall in love and live happily ever after……….how ironic right? But we seem to base our love on a mere image of perfection, and unknowingly, we’ve subjected ourselves into living a lie. Most people are no longer comfortable in their own skin and some have even gone to greater length to uttering their body sizes and shape just to fit in.

If you must date him/her find out whether this notion of “super model” attribute is the sole reason he/she is with you. If that is the case, your relationship will not last because, the tendency of him/her finding someone more appealing to the mirror is equals to a 100%. Physical attributes are overrated. What makes a person, is way more than just his/her physical appearances. Things between you two may die down overtime because as we age, our body features changes also.

Couple goals. Couples working out together in order to stay fit and healthy.
Couples with common interest may live longer.

Do you at least have a common interest?

What better way to stay connected to a spouse or partner without having common basic interest? In the first few weeks, the eagerness to stay on the phone chatting for several hours burns like coal. And as you progress, reality starts to reveal things in clearer perspective and you both starts to understand each other better. If after a while, there is nothing you two can selflessly indulge in aside the romantic talks; then things will fall apart eventually.

You both must do fun things together, play silly games like video games, card games, movies or even watching football. Lovers who do things together, stay together as friends and grow into best friends and lovers. All of these little hobbies and engagements creates a stronger bond between you two, and as time progresses, you’ll become inseparable.

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Couples who work together stay together in love.

Are you on the same page?

Technically, we jump into conclusions just before taking the ride. It could be as a result of the images we’ve painted in our minds, and as alluring as those sweet feelings gets, it can blow up in our faces. There are a lot of playboys and playgirls around looking to catch enough fun, some of them are coded and they won’t really come off as frivolous at first. That is why it is ideal to not get overly excited….stay woke, be in the know and keep your eyes open to noticing every of their moves.

You can easily spot them with the vibes they give off when they get careless. Some of them may become very keen about sex with you because the fun part of you is what they’re basically interested in. For instance, if your guy or girl always wants to have sex whenever you are around even though you’re not in the mood, it might be a warning sign that he’s selfishly interested in only sex with you.

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A long term partner would be about your welfare, they’ll pamper you and make sure that you’re okay always. Even though we are all a little selfish as humans, the love a partner has for his/her important half makes it easier for them to care. There’s no hurry with the one you want to spend a quality time with, they’ll always understand if you’re sometimes off track. But if you both want different things, the understanding will waver and misunderstanding will set in, thereby leading to unnecessary fights and arguments.

In your quest to finding your better half, remember the above tips and keep them in mind for they are very important. I wish that you find that which your heart has been longing for, and I look forward to sharing more tips with you soonest…

Stay connected as many more exciting tips and related articles surfaces on this page soon.

Thank you for reading….
🙂 🙂

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