True life stories.

Quiting My Monthly Paid Job

Before alluring you with this little story of mine, I’d like to quickly remind us that; humans generally travel through different phases of life events, and the results achieved can never be truly measured.

More than two years ago, I was in the streets looking for a paid Job, movie auditions etc. If not following up on emails, job adverts or spending fruitless hours at audition venues, I’d be on my laptop trying to apply for more jobs.

It was a tough experience, there was no money, and there were no friends. The ones I thought were going to be there for me weren’t, and as desperate as time lingered, so were my needs.

He Job Hunt

Going into some offices in attempt to submitting my CV was even more challenging than an interview itself. Some front desks and receptionists would make ugly comments, give me a weird look as if I was there to replace them. It was way beyond tough for me, it was devastating.

A couple of months afterwards, i met a French man online, he was really nice and we had a nice time chatting. He wanted to know more about me, and decided it was high time we met. He invited me to his house in Ikoyi, Lagos, it was a 3 bedroom apartment which he shared with his friend, a writer colleague. They were both very hospitable and friendly, they even taught me a few french words.


Long story short, he showed me around the house, I saw his book collections and some were written by him. We talked endlessly and he probably thought I was feeling the same way he did, and so, he tried to kiss me.

I shrugged him off and he apologised, he looked at me and he was really impressed with my personality. I didn’t know why, but he was really pleased with the fact that I wasn’t just a desperate girl looking for petty cash. And of course, I accepted his apologies. As a lady, we get misread all the time, especially if you are a cool chick in glasses. Lol…

The conversation & side gig

So, we talked about his stay in Nigeria, he told me so much about his life and family, and his love for wine. He mentioned that he was starting to import wine for sale in Nigeria, even though it’s a new business, he was really impressed with it.

That’s how I started working with him as a promo organiser and advertiser. It wasn’t an everyday job but it was an amazing time for me. It brought me out of my boring life, and I was starting to feel alive again.

On one of the Wine Tasting Exhibition we organised at the Bush Bar Ikoyi, was where I met a German guy, an MD of a renowned engineering firm in Lagos, he name was Andreas.

The Job Offer

Andreas was captivated by my communication skills and the fact that I was outspoken. He didn’t hesitate to give me his card, and insisted that i contacted him at my leisure time. I didn’t waste time, once I got home that evening, i put a call through and he was pleased to hear from me.

Soon afterwards, we became acquainted. He proved to be a nice and open minded person, he was kind enough to keep me updated on events leading to my employment with his firm. So, I looked forward to working with him.

To be continued…….

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